Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Got beets to use up? They're great on the grill.

I planted both purple and golden beets again this year. The golden beets were a little slower growing than the purple, though not by much-maybe a week or so behind them. I had a much better crop of goldens this year than I did last. It either was just a better growing season, or I planted the seeds somewhat thickly, and, even a bit earlier than recommended. This recipe uses the golden beets only (though you can use either, or both).

Rinse desired amount of beets after trimming stems down to a few inches. Leave roots intact or you will lose color (called "bleeding"), as well as leaving the skin without any cuts. Put beets in large kettle of water, covering beets, and bring to boil. Let boil for around 20mns, depending on size of beets and desired tenderness. Drain, then submerge beets in cold water. (While they are boiling, prepare your grill pan. I lined mine with foil for easier clean-up and to prevent flare-ups on the grill.) Once they're cool enough to handle, the stems, roots and skins will slip off easily. Cut beets into wedges or bite size pieces and put in grill pan. Gather onions, peel and rinse. Cut into chunks and add to beets. Gather herbs you wish to season your beets and onions with. I used three stems from a garlic chive plant, snipped into tiny pieces. Add those, along with a bit of sea salt and ground black pepper, to grill pan. Then drizzle over all with olive oil, and a pat of butter, if desired, which will give it a little extra yumminess. Toss so all's coated well. Place on hot grill and cook until veggies are beginning to get browned. That's it. Simple list of ingredients and easy prep. So good with any grilled meat.

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