Sunday, March 4, 2012

Good tasting bread with reasonable s/c count!

 I recently was invited to take part in a Bzz campaign for Health-Full Breads by Brownberry (or Oroweat, or Arnold, depending on where you live in the country). While I knew Jorge Cruise suggested an Oroweat bread in his The Belly Fat Cure book, I couldn't recall any more than that about it. Deciding that if the numbers were too high for my lower carb diet the bread would be taste-tested by my family, I joined the campaign. Once I received my BzzAgent kit I sought out the bread at our local grocery store. (Truth be told, I wasn't sure I'd seen it there before at all as I have been picking up my loaf of Ezekial bread from the freezer case which is far and away from the rest of the breads.) I was pleased to see that this great tasting bread would still fit in my diet!

I bought a loaf of Brownberry Health-Full 10 Grain Bread, on sale for $2.99. The information that is most important to my way of eating was that in a single slice serving there are 2g sugar and 16g carbs, which would equal an s/c value of 2/1.  Remember that per meal I should try to keep it at 5/2 or lower and, for comparison, Ezekial runs at an s/c value of 0/1. So with a good size serving of tuna or chicken salad (of which I had both on separate occasions) and a piece of cheese and a bit of lettuce, I was able to enjoy a completely satisfying and healthy lunch. Other numbers of importance are 80 calories, 5g of protein and 4g of fiber per slice. No artificial colors, preservatives or flavors. Simply delicious with just a tiny bit of natural sweetness.

There is a fantastic site full of wonderful sandwich ideas at Brownberry.  Just click on "Recipes" at the left for some tasty options.

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