Monday, May 28, 2012

A couple food tips that I love!

I know this isn't brain surgery, folks.  But...

First of all, how to peel garlic easily!  This is wonderfully easy.  Learned it from a You Tube video.  I do it a little differently in that I use a saucepot and lid in place of bowls.
Peel garlic in seconds!

Secondly, how to peel a banana easily!  This is how monkeys do it, even.  Whatever took us so long to figure this out?!?  Thanks to my co-worker, Sheila, for showing me this one.  Little kids can do this much more easily than the typical way of peeling from the other end.  Couldn't get my camera to work to take photos of myself doing it, so here's another You Tube video.
Peel a banana in seconds!

Last month my 3yr old niece was here for a visit.  While she and her daddy were here we had an early mini-birthday party for her.  After purchasing a couple Minnie Mouse playsets for her I searched for a card featuring Minnie and was unable to find one in our stores.  So I went to the internet, used some old pretty pink stationery (leftover from when A was a little girl and I'd made invites) and made my own.  I found a pic of Minnie that I printed.  The colors were very dull, so I doctored it up with colored pencils, a fine tipped black gel pen, and... silver nail polish!  Then I looked up a cute font and tried free-handing it.  I think it turned out cute for being free and done in a very short window of time!

While we are not having a party party for A for high school graduation, we are having a somewhat small family get together barbecue to celebrate.  We will also set up our new movie projector that evening, hook it up to J's guitar amplifier for sound, and hang a sheet on the garage wall for an outdoor movie that evening.  Not sure what we'll be watching.  D (son) votes for Chronicle, which he and J went to at the theater and both thought it was very good.  I'm sure my parents would like to see The Grey...  Still have to decide on that one... Ideas?  But I do have an idea of what goodies to have.  I rounded up a few that I've already got my ingredients for, or just about do anyway:

Cafe Zupas' cherry limeade
iced tea
Deliciously Organic's s'mores
The Sisters Cafe vanilla bean cupcakes
few trays of sushi from a deli in the city
Picky Cook's artichoke dip & baguette slices
One Good Thing's rolo pretzel bites

May 23, 2012 - Dad has gone for his second round of chemo treatment.  No noticeable effects, yet, several days later.  He did find out that he is set up for a total of 6 rounds of this treatment, each involving two days of an injection.  It's been rainy & chilly.  Wish he'd just stay inside.

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