Sunday, February 24, 2013

I know, I know. Still too many treats going on around here.

Monday, 2/18/2013
B> scrambled eggs w/spam, salsa & cheese, 2 strawberries, 3 blackberries, hot tea
L> cheese, turkey deli meat, salami, 1/2 apple sliced, 1 strawberry, 1 sf vanilla cappuccino
S> serving Dreamfield's w/meat sauce, sf coleslaw, 1 clementine segment
Snacks> 1 sf Blackberry Cream Italian Soda, couple more slices mozzarella & salami, carrot stick w/pb

Tuesday, 2/19/2013
B> scrambled eggs w/spam, 2 strawberries, 1 sf homemade cappuccino
L> small bowl wild rice chicken soup, few celery sticks w/pb
S> 1/4c jasmine rice w/pork stir-fry, cottage cheese, 3 chunks pickled beets, Blackberry Italian Soda (no h&h)
Snacks> few peanuts, 1 Ezekiel toasted w/pb, 1 sf fudge pop

Yes, they were regular homemade pickled beets.  Yes, they were good.

Wednesday, 2/20/2013
B> egg w/bacon & cheese on multigrain english muffin, 2 strawberries, 1 sf homemade cappuccino
L> 1 Ezekiel bread w/turkey/roast beef/cheese/lettuce/mustard, couple celery sticks w/pb
S> sirloin steak, about 1/4-1/2c mix of boiled & fried potato/carrot/mushrooms, 2 slices roma tomato w/mozzarella & fresh basil drizzled with balsamic & olive oil, Blackberry Italian Soda
Snacks> handful homemade sf cocoa coated almonds, hot tea, 1 piece sf cinnamon cake w/whipped cream, 1sf fudge pop

I'm very sad.  I'm all out of club soda, though I still have lots of the blackberry simple syrup.  The last couple of times I skipped adding the h&h to the Italian Soda and it is just as wonderful.  I'm out of berries.  I'm sort of relieved because simply having the fruit hanging around is just too much temptation for me.

Thursday, 2/21/2013
B> scrambled eggs on 2 roma slices w/mozzarella leftover from last night, 1 sf homemade cappuccino
L> small chicken taco salad, couple celery sticks w/pb
S> about 1/4c baked beans w/3 meatballs, few bites salad, mozzarella/tomato, 5-6 mandarin orange segments
Snacks> handful peanuts,1 sf hot chocolate, salami/mozzarella/apple slices small plate

My family had a chocolate silk pie thawed for dessert.  I was only momentarily considering having a slice, thought if I really want it it will still be there in the fridge tomorrow.  Also made it through work without indulging in the moist chocolate cake with fudgy frosting that we served as part of lunch to students.  It was tough after traying all that cake and smelling that wonderful sweet cocoa goodness...

Friday, 2/22/2013
B> 2fried eggs, half slice ham, 1whole wheat toast w/butter & jam, Tassimo Chai Latte
L> 2 chicken thighs, cottage cheese w/few segments mandarin orange, celery sticks w/pb
S> serving Dreamfield's pasta w/hamburger/Tbsp corn/broccoli, cottage cheese, SoBe (watered down)
Snacks> several small handfulls peanuts, small slice cheesecake brownie, coffee w/h&h and stevia & xylitol

Oh my.  You must make this brownie cheesecake recipe.  Here's the link to All Day I Dream About Food, Carolyn's, recipe:  Brownie Cheesecake.  The only changes I made were to use xylitol and Stevia In The Raw for sweeteners and I omitted the salt.

I made bone broth last night.  Smelled so very good.  I dumped some pork rib bones, leftover steak chunks & trimmings, tons of chicken wings (That were free to me - YAY!) and trimmings from mushrooms/tomatoes/onion that we used this week, as well as some sorry looking fresh basil and a couple of bay leaves.  Then I splashed a bunch of water over it and a Tbsp or two of cider vinegar and set the crockpot on low overnight.  This morning it was a beautiful caramel-y golden color.  Not sure what I'm going to do with it, aside from using it as a soup broth base, as I've never been one for drinking plain broth.

Saturday, 2/23/2013
B> piece of Brownie Cheesecake, 2 coffee w/h&h/xylitol/stevia
L> 1 slice whole wheat bread w/turkey/cheese/mustard and 3 tortilla chips
S> Subway 6"flatbread tuna w/cheddar/greens/little onion & tomato&oregano, 3 thin slices of salami
Snacks> 1/2apple w/pb, watered down SoBe

Sunday, 2/24/2013
B> scrambled eggs w/spam
L> piece of Brownie Cheesecake, 1 sf vanilla latte (with added coffee at home to warm it up), salami/cheese/few slices apple
S> Jorge's chicken skewers, 1/4c (x2=1/2c, actually) coconut jasmine rice, cottage cheese w/few bites pear
Snacks> sf fudge pop, few peanuts, 1 mini sf york patty

This was another of the things that Jorge was shown making in that emailed video glimpse into some recipes from his newest book.  It was good.  Except for the eggplant.  Nobody in my family really liked that part of it and there was a mountain of skewers and eggplant chunks sitting on top in the garbage can after supper.  While Jorge didn't include mushrooms in his I had a handful to use up and included them.  I believe he served it with plain rice or brown rice.  I had a hankering for coconut rice.  More so as coconut jasmine rice.  I should've known better... I went back for nearly a second serving.  Love, love, love jasmine rice.  It was out of this world (at least to me it was) made with 1c jasmine rice, 1 can coconut milk and about a half can of water brought to a boil, shut off and left to finish cooking by steaming with the lid left on.

So what is on the skewers?  Chicken, eggplant, red bell pepper, green onions (a.k.a. scallions, if you prefer) and a brushed on marinade of dijon mustard that was mixed with a bit of lemon juice (though I had a fresh lime that needed to be used instead).  Would I make it again?  Probably.  Definitely not with the eggplant, though.  The eggplant didn't taste horrible, think it was a texture thing for us.


  1. Treats are always tough because they taste so darn good:) Real life means you will have them around once in awhile so you have to find a way to make peace with them.
    Your food looks yummy and diverse!

  2. Great job on the pie and cake - it's never worth it ! I use my bone broths as soup base always, I never just drink them, although I imagine I could cultivate the taste for it.