Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Couple of delicious eats!

This Cajun Jambalaya (to the left) is why I bought chicken thighs, shrimp and chorizo to begin with. Sub in cauli-rice if you like, though I limit my serving size instead. Since there was more of each of those meats than I needed, I cooked them on the grill anyway and figured that I'll decide what to make with them later. Fate had me paging through the most recent issue of Cooking Light the next day where I came across the recipe for Shrimp, Chorizo & Corn Salad, which left me with a couple of boneless/skinless grilled chicken thighs still. Coincidentally, I've been craving chicken salad and happened to have everything else on hand already, too! Yay!

You may notice my chicken salad's a little darker colored than typical. The spice used to season the chicken when I grilled it for the jambalaya blackened (No, not burnt!) and that's what affected the color. I did include some grapes... mostly because we had them in the fridge already, but also because I like a little sweet in my chicken salad - whether that be raisins, apple or pear bits. No recipe to link to, just tossed chicken, pecans, grapes, celery, green onion, mayo & sour cream together and plopped on top of chopped romaine. The grill seasoned chicken was enough seasoning.
This photo is not mine. (I scanned a part of the page in my magazine.) Though mine did look nearly the same. I did not have fresh basil or tiny tomatoes or lemon, and I only had one half-ear of corn on the cob leftover from Father's Day. Fortunately I was easily able to remedy this by using dried basil, a chopped whole tomato, a splash of lime juice and a little additional frozen corn. I'm not a big fan of shrimp so I had only two bites of this. It was good, but not good enough for me to justify eating more corn, which, of course, is a high sugar veggie. But the rest of my family thought it was fresh and good. "A" thought it probably would be extra good as a chilled salad, too.

If you set out to make one of these, the Cajun Jambalaya is awesome! (Also, it's easy to make desired substitutions, such as the sausage type/pepper variety/seasoning mix/rice...) I was thrilled to make a purchase for just the one meal I had in mind, only later to find that they easily slid into place for two more dishes. Does anyone actually set out to do this? What meals do you end up making this way?

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  1. That all sounds and looks good, but you know I don't eat those fruits anymore because of the sugar content. Just berries for me. That Jambalaya would be great with the cauliflower rice. Have a good one :-)