Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Well, shoot. This wasn't the arbor that I had in mind. But now that it's up and I have moved my trumpet vines, I like it better than I thought I would. What I had thought I was going to get was an arbor made of vinyl. The idea was that it wouldn't rust like metal or rot like wood. Then I got to thinking about the metal trellis that the vine had been previously on and how it hasn't got any rust on it after at least 5 years. (Isn't that what Rustoleum is for anyway? Ha ha...) Besides, I think it looks nice with the cast iron pot laying on the ground next to it with the hosta. Plus I can re-use the trellis for something else down the line and it will play nicely as well! Keep your fingers crossed that the vines will survive this transplant, please!

While I was replanting my vines, Dad was back near those two birch trees to the right in the photo, digging up beets. He called me back to take a look at a Pileated Woodpecker's hole, pictured below. The photo after shows the chunks that the little booger had pecked out of it. Dad thinks it will be interesting to see if the woodpecker comes back to dig it out more and I thought I'd document it here to see if there's any progress next year.

I have a low-carb chocolate cake recipe that I'm experimenting with. I made it last night. But, while it tasted GREAT, it wasn't too pretty and was more like a pudding cake. So I will experiment again to try to fix what I think went wrong with it. Obviously it was too wet. Sadly, I must now eat this failed cake...


  1. Your arbor looks great. Send me the recipe for the cake and I will help with it. :-)

  2. As long as the failed cake tastes problem!! I like your metal arbor! Nancy