Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Butter Pecan Frozen Yogurt

This recipe is a result of my frugal tendencies. I hate to throw stuff out that cost our hard-earned money! A couple weeks ago I'd purchased a large container of plain, unsweetened, full-fat Greek yogurt so that I could try a recipe that a low-carb blogger had posted for a pumpkin pie type of breakfast parfait. While "J" and I liked it well enough, Greek yogurt is a bit too tart for us. So that nearly full container sat there in the fridge. And it sat there. Then it sat some more.

A few days ago I'd picked up a cookbook that I'd borrowed from the library, True Food: Seasonal, Sustainable, Simple, Pure by Andrew Weil. I quickly paged through it, nothing really catching my eye. Until I got near the end where there were a few dessert recipes. One of them was for a lemony, ginger frozen yogurt. While the flavors didn't sound like something to get excited about, the discovery of what to do with the rest of that darned yogurt was. So while I didn't make his recipe, I must credit Andrew Weil for the spark. (Thanks, Dr. Weil.) Please note that this recipe uses some of the glazed pecans from the previous post.

Butter Pecan Frozen Yogurt 
(from... Becky @ Becky's Place)
3c full-fat, plain Greek yogurt
1c xylitol
1/2c Stevia In The Raw 
1/4tsp xanthan
2T vanilla extract (I used my homemade)
1/2c heavy whipping cream
1T butter
1/4tsp pink Himalayan salt
generous handful glazed pecans, roughly busted up

Place xylitol, Stevia In The Raw and xanthan in a saucepan and whisk together. Turn on burner to medium heat and add vanilla, whipping cream, butter and salt. Stir over the heat until sweeteners have dissolved. Remove from heat, chill in fridge. Once chilled, combine with yogurt in a mixing bowl. Follow directions for your ice cream machine, adding the glazed pecans shortly before turning it off. Pour into desired freezer container and freeze.

Two days later - I finally dished up a small amount to try. While it is not as soft as the vanilla ice cream recipe I have on this blog, it is still creamy and dished up fine with a warmed spoon. No, I don't like Greek yogurt.Yes, I do like frozen Greek yogurt! As far as servings and carb count... I don't have a clue really. But I don't think it's too bad, especially when I considered that I was fully content with the small dish that I'd scooped and will get many servings of that size from this recipe. Yum yum. The tartness that I didn't like when it was just yogurt really shines in it as frozen yogurt with the sweet glazed pecans.


  1. Butter Pecan ice cream is one of my FAVORITES!!! I have never been a fan of yogurt though. So you really can't taste it?
    You are pretty darn creative:)

  2. Oh no no, I didn't say that, ha ha. You can taste the tanginess of the yogurt. But, for me, it's much more edible this way. I didn't make it because I like Greek yogurt. I just wanted to use up what I'd bought.