Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Yummy Shrimp & A New Baby

What I'm Eating: Today's Snapshot:
B> 1slice toasted Ezekiel w/egg salad, 2 coffee with h&h and sweetener
L> 2slices toasted Ezekiel w/egg salad, water
S> 1/2med roasted sweet potato, grilled shrimp skewers, sf iced coffee
Snacks> 1sf choc & caramel bar, 1 strawberry, 2 chunks cherry almond dark chocolate bar, handful pecans

Let me make my excuses right away. I have been PMS'ing for a few days now. I don't know about y'all, but my brain tells me, "FEED ME", and more specifically, "FEED ME CHOCOLATE". Also, we are in need of a little shopping to pick up some veggies and such, hence the overdose of egg salad. The sweet potato on my plate was merely scrubbed, diced and seasoned liberally with olive oil, s&p, dried rosemary and fresh minced parsley. Popped the pan into the toaster oven and in about 45mns time of about 350 degrees... perfection. The shrimp was made by mostly following Melissa Joulwan's recipe from her Well Fed cookbook. Oh my, oh my... divine. Her recipe calls for cilantro. I'm not a fan of that so I used parsley instead. I used precooked/frozen shrimp instead of fresh. (Can you tell I don't follow directions very well?) I also thought half a lime provided plenty of juice, rather than the whole one as called for. Purely divine. I was in such a food-blissed-out state after eating this meal! Just between you and I? J and I polished off the entire pound of shrimp.

What I've Seen This Week:
Yay! Gerbera Daisy still making blooms!

This little dumpling would have fit in my two hands cupped together. Such a sweet baby!

Frugal Front This Past & Current Week Snapshot:
>checked out a bunch of good books & movies & audio books from the library
>snipped and dried a good bit of chives
>dug a spot to divide & transplant above mentioned chive plant into flower bed where there's an empty space
>keeping leftover coffee to make our own iced coffees instead of buying at McDonald's
>hanging most of our laundry, most of the time, on two drying racks outside
>paid our Jeep insurance 6mos premium all at once to avoid a monthly $3 charge
>turning off power strip to computer and the power strip to the tv/dvd/PS3 while not in use
>cut back on how often family eats with J and I so we are feeding two of us as opposed to 4 or more several nights per week
>raid Dad's buttons stash to work more on two family Christmas gifts
>made homemade mayo rather than buying a new jar (this failed but made a good marinade instead)


  1. Hi Becky, What kind of Ezekial bread do you use? I bought one kind but don't care for it. The other kind had the seeds on the outside. Wondered if that would taste better. Nancy

  2. Hi Nancy! I was just snoopin' at your blog - ha ha!
    The one in the orange wrapper, think it's just the plain original one. I've tried the sesame seed one but didn't care for that as much. I've also seen one with raisins but it's more sugar than I want. You are right, though, it's not good at first. It takes some getting used to for sure. I think it tastes better toasted, as well as loaded with goodies, and eaten as an open face sandwich (it's too dry for me when two pieces are put together).