Friday, July 25, 2014

Awesome Sam's Club deal!

All right, all right. First off, I will admit that I've had a Sam's Club membership in the past. I let it go when it dawned on me that we just weren't shopping there enough to justify the cost of the membership. That was years ago. Since then I have gone when they have open houses, where they don't charge the 10% upcharge, and I've gone with friends or family that have a membership. It has suited me perfectly fine. But this deal is so great that even I went ahead with it!

This is my referral link, which I surely do appreciate it if you'd be so kind to use: Sam's Club deal at Groupon

For $45 you get a one year membership AND a $20 gift card AND vouchers for deli turkey, ciabatta rolls, bean dip and an apple pie! Food items have a value of $26.23. As a reminder, make sure you read the fine print for an applicable details, such as activation information or expiration dates.

I have read that some people either received a different value gift card or they didn't receive all the food item vouchers. Please do call your local or nearest location to be sure that you are able to redeem this offer in full as it may vary slightly. Some locations do not have an onsite deli or an onsite bakery, for instance, and may offer a little more on the gift card (per the gal at our guest services counter).

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  1. Editing to add that we went to our nearest Sam's Club and redeemed this offer. It was a breeze. The only thing we did run into was that they were out of the rolls, which can be picked up later when they have more in as the vouchers are good until in October.