Monday, November 10, 2014

Are you staying frugal? Pumpkin Cheesecake Ice Cream recipe, too.

Here's something yummy I've been eating lately:

Pumpkin Cheesecake Ice Cream
(winged it and it turned out yummy)
4oz cream cheese, softened at room temp
1/2c pumpkin, heaping
1T homemade vanilla
20drops vanilla stevia
1c hwc
1c unsw. almond coconut milk
2tsp pumpkin pie spice, heaping
1/4c & 2T xylitol

Blend all and freeze in ice cream machine.

What I've seen lately:
Yes. Snow. Today.
Yes. Cat. Eating his toenails. Daily.

Frugal doings lately:
>Dehydrated 2 heads of cabbage.
> Set aside some tip money from my second job which I will use on a day trip to several out of town shops.
> Set aside three paychecks from second job that paid the whole 6mos premium on one of our autos.
> Cut out felt shapes needed to make more Christmas gifts, will post a pic of those when finished.
> Went to a parent meeting with the driver ed. instructor and a patrol officer where we received a pen and small notepad.
> Brought home more wrappers from work that will be used to wrap party crackers. I'm also sharing some of these with brother and his wife so they can do some, too.
> Accepted a bag of apples from my employer at my second job, used some, gave the rest to brother.
> Got a coffee syrup pump for free from employer as they changed brands and no longer need them.
> Accepted 5 big jugs of dark chocolate syrup from an employer, gave 4 away, kept one for J and D to use in chocolate milk and coffees.
> Accepted individual boxes of raisins from work that J can take with to work for snacking.
> Used up some sour cream by making popsicles, as in previous post.
> Accepted five ears of corn from mother-in-law, which was enough for each of us to have a whole ear.
> Accepted a free large coffee from employer at second job, which I brought home for dh.
> Participated in a "simple cooking" class where we made and ate stir-fry.
> Found a package of pork chops and a giant pork roast, each with a $4 off manager's special coupon as they were nearing their freeze or use by date.
> Made a stir-fry at home and reduced the amount of meat I would typically use by about 1/4th to 1/3rd and increased the amount of veggies.
> Found enough flowers around the yard and garden to bring some indoors.
> Tied dried cornstalks from the garden to our mailbox for fall decoration.
> Dug up gladiola bulbs to save for planting next fall. Also transplanted more bachelors buttons to the rock garden that hadn't died in the garden box they were in.
> Took a couple of leftovers out of freezer and fridge, invited bro & his family to bring any leftovers they wanted gone for supper one night - potluck!
> J and D picked a box of crabapples for me to make applesauce and dehydrated apple slices.

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  1. I like reading how your doing frugally. Sometimes I do well and other times not so well! LOL How do you manage to get so much stuff given to you!! You must be super busy keeping up to two jobs!