Monday, May 16, 2016

Prom Corsage & Boutonniere

Our school had prom this past weekend. I stressed each point of the way in helping my son, D, get his suit together down to the corsage and boutonniere. After stopping in at our local greenhouse to price the corsage at $26.99 base price and the boutonniere at $9.99 base price (meaning, prior to adding a central flower or any bling)... I decided that we'd make our own. While I can't claim to have done this as frugally as possible, I did come far under that total, around $20-$25 total (and that was with a coupon at both Michaels and Hobby Lobby). Sadly, we also have still had snow. So it's been cold. No flowers blooming here at home to shave that cost. I also was out of a strong glue so had buy more. So easy to do yourself! I ended up with a second boutonniere so D could have his choice of the two.

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