Monday, May 1, 2017

Are you staying frugal?

Eats lately:
Few cheese selections from Aldi store, plain Greek yogurt w/blackberries & homemade low-carb granola, salad w/Ranch & Russian dressings and roasted asparagus and pork roast. tuna salad on lettuce salad.

Frugal doings lately:
>Traded points for a $10 Olive Garden gift card that I used on my birthday when J and I went out for lunch. Also used an email from Olive Garden to take home a piece of Tiramisu for free.
>Won a new cozy book from an online giveaway. I chose the first in a series of three (I think) as I've been looking for another cozy series to dig into.
>Borrowed a new paleo cookbook from the library and made a homemade dressing from it, which was good enough to write down and make again.
>J picked up coffee grounds from the coffeehouse where I'd worked in the past. These went around the blueberry bushes.
>Printed a coupon for any coffee drink from an area coffee chain for free for my birthday and picked up a BIG blended drink.
>Added a cup of mini Nabisco cookies freebie coupon to a grocery loyalty card.
>Bought 4 (limit) pound containers of strawberries for $1 each at the same grocery store.
>Emailed an Indian foods company and requested a coupon. She sent me three $1 off ones.
>Picked up a Bath&Body Works mini lotion for free with a coupon they'd mailed A. Sadly, I'd forgot to use the other coupon before it'd expired which had been for a free full-sized product. Drats. But I also was able to make someone else's frugal day by giving her my $10 off $30 coupon that I wasn't going to use. She was so happy as she was scrounging around for some other coupon on her phone after presenting one to them for Bed Bath & Beyond by mistake.
>Signed up for a deal on a Sam's Club membership again through Ebates. Hopefully I will qualify for the $20gc and free food items with sign up. I'll know when I go there with the emailed voucher. (I had been a member already until a couple of months ago.)
>Came to the decision to have a garage sale again. I'd been donating to Goodwill. Thought I'd  like the money myself and will sell things for so much less than Goodwill does.
>Enjoyed a game day at a lady friend-of-a-friend's house. We spent several hours visiting, enjoyed a yummy lunch and several rounds of Mahjong.
>Bought a tube of shoe glue to repair J's work shoes. Nice investment as he tends to rip his shoes in the same place, so this will get more use.
>Received a $20gc from my employer for my birthday, along with two other $20gc for everyone for being a top performing store.
>For just under $6, purchased an 8pk of LED bulbs at Sam's Club.

Things I've seen lately:
Bald eagle far across the field, crocus from a few weeks ago, purple finch (I think), (downy?) woodpecker.

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