Monday, February 1, 2010

First Try @ Blogging!

So I'm just going to jump in with both feet here. (Bare with me and all my mistakes as I get started.)

Yesterday I pulled out a box of teacups and their matching saucers. These belonged to my grandma who died almost a year ago. There were many more at one time as I recall a display shelf on the dining area wall of the farmhouse. Years ago, after my grandpa had passed, I believe she lost some at the farm auction. Out of those left my sister and mother took any they wanted and I kept several for display. The rest went into this box. Strange as it might sound, these cups have been on my mind fairly often.

While I haven't found a purpose for all of them, I was hit with an idea the other day. My daughter's 16th birthday is coming up. When she was small, maybe about 8 or 9, she had a tea party with a few friends. By tea party I mean the real thing where the attendees were dressed up in their prettiest dresses and drank from gorgeous, delicate china. It was held at an actual tea and coffee shop that served high tea in the afternoon. They dined on dainty cookies and tiny sandwiches, too. While that circle of friends has gained and lost a bit, the nostalgia from that party has not lost any of its magical charm.

I had my daughter choose out one cup for each guest she'd like to invite for her upcoming birthday party. She carefully selected those cups that begged her attention, deciding which cup fit which friend's personality best. For instance, one of those cups was much smaller and much more colorful than the others. This she set aside for a girl that she has known since they were kindergarten age, who happens to be smaller than others her age and the owner of a pretty colorful personality. Another was adorned with light blue flowers, lovely in their unassuming plainness, that screamed out that it must go to her shy, blond friend, though not a plain girl by any means.

Then we discussed a couple of options. Maybe we could place some favorite individually wrapped teabags in each cup and a couple biscotti. Perhaps we could place a tiny scented tealight in each, maybe vanilla scented and surround it with coffee beans. In the end we decided that it would be more fun to try to find a favorite sweet of each guest to place in each tea cup. Not to mention that they are teens after all. Teens and yummy sweets go hand in hand.

I'll add photos as soon as we get all the cups filled and wrapped. And as soon as I figure out how to get photos on the blog.

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