Sunday, April 11, 2010

I'm so inspired!

I've been watching Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution on Friday night television. Wow. What an inspiration it's been to get me into the kitchen and make something (rather, somethings) wonderful. Tonight, for instance, we had a chopped salad similar to one I'd watched Jamie make on his website. I've made a variation of it last week, too. Both times, mmm, yum. A few days ago I'd made a lovely stir-fry that was Jamie inspired as well. I've got my eye on his newest book. But I'm waiting to check it out from the library or Barnes & Noble first. Here's a link to his website (you'll have to copy and paste until I figure out how to make it clickable):

How can it be that something so simple as roasting a few ingredients, or dicing up typical salad veggies, can create something so... almost new?!? The chopped salad uses your regular salad ingredients. But chop them all up together and those smaller bits create a new flavor in your mouth than they did before as a tossed or layered salad.

Anyone else watching this darling man and getting inspiration?

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