Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Couple of Favorite Sites for Entertainment

Phew. My printer seemed to make this task take for..e..ver....
I've been using a couple of great sites to get books and movies. Many people are already aware of the sites. But I tell anyone who'll listen and have found there are some who have not heard of them.

I like Paperback Swap (@ and Swap A Dvd (@ Both sites operate the same. You list what you have to get rid of. When someone requests something you have, you pay the shipping and send it to them. When they receive it they will mark it as received and you will get a trade credit. You then request something you want, which will redeem your credit, then the sender pays shipping to send it to you. Additionally, if you go through Paypal to pay for your shipping you will pay only 18cents for delivery confirmation, whereas the post office charges (last I checked) 70cents! While you don't need delivery confirmation, it does offer some peace of mind when you have the ability to see if and when your shipment was delivered. This morning I paid about $2.37 to mail one book (that included delivery confirmation). I already have a book requested on a Wish List, so when the credit is added to my account, that book automatically ships to me. Not bad, getting a book for under $2.50 that sells for (and this is used too) $15 and up! I spent about the same to ship a dvd this morning also. I've got a request on my Wish List already, but will have to wait until a copy becomes available. The idea is for people to keep the items in the swapping system when you're finished with them. Get there! Register! Use it! Love it!

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