Sunday, October 10, 2010

Can I actually plan our menus?

I have intended to do just that on several occasions. Each time I had started out with great intention, menu ideas and printouts for filling in those menus. Each time those plans lasted only a meal or two before we were off track. However, I found so many ideas when digging through my own freezer and I realized that it is so ridiculous to shop a few times a week as I tried to get our meals planned each night. Between our daughter needing to be chauffered about for various education programs and our son starting school at the junior high and myself going back to work again... It has just been hard to get it together. So I'd like to try again. I'm hoping by blogging here about it that we will be able to follow a menu better. I won't post everyday regarding this. But I will post out the week's supper meals. Weekends will be left to chance for now. (Let's call that Cook's Choice.) We all know the prime reasons why to plan a menu: using what's on hand, being able to thaw meats overnight, everyone knowing what we're having...

Today we had Chicken Alfredo & Broccoli as I'd gotten a great buy on the broccoli steamer last week and I had leftover diced chicken that I'd frozen a couple of weeks ago, as well as half&half and parmesan.

Monday> Stir-fried Shrimp & Broccoli on jasmine rice (parents brought supper of ring sausage & fries) X
Tuesday> Lasagna & salad & garlic bread (had last night's supper tonight) X
Wednesday> Ring bologna, fried garden red potatoes, garden cabbage coleslaw, homemade applesauce (had last night's supper tonight) X
Thursday> Fried breaded pork cutlets, steamer corn, mashed potatoes (too tired to cook, had pizza tonight) X
Friday> Pizza night (made the pork cutlet meal tonight instead as there was more time) X

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  1. Obviously I cannot plan out our meals even five days in advance. I'll try again next week.