Friday, October 15, 2010

Second try at menu planning...

Saturday > Bruschetta burgers (garden tomatoes) & canned baked beans !!
Company Coming Sunday >
Butternut squash soup (squash from garden), bread & butter (though company canceled) !!
Monday > Chicken fried rice (using leftover rice & chicken from freezer) & eggrolls (frozen/premade bought cheaply with coupons and sale) !!
Tuesday > Creamy potato soup (using garden potatoes) !!
Wednesday > Whole wheat pasta and spaghetti sauce with ground beef (ended up using sauce a friend gave me from a large batch she'd made) !!
Thursday > Frozen pizzas or leftovers (for kids while I and spouse may go to Olive Garden for a late lunch) X (we ended up making Chicken Salad Sandwiches as my husband and I had an early lunch)
Friday > Pork stir-fry on brown rice (ended up using Ramen, that son's been wanting to make for weeks, in place of the rice) !!

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  1. Yahoo-y! Much better than last week. Maybe I'm on a roll...