Thursday, May 26, 2011

Watch that tall grass before mowing!

The evening before last I was out in the garden with the lawn mower as part of the yard is behind the fence, too. I walked around the edges of the garden where the asparagus is usually found, picking about a meal's worth that I later blanched and froze. On one end of the garden is a pile of twigs, straw and weeds with a lot of tall grass growing alongside it that needed to be mowed. Quite a bit of asparagus usually can be found in that area mixed in with the tall grass. Thankfully I brushed through it for the asparagus. A small brown speckled bird flew out as I started. I then recalled two days before when I'd been out picking that there had been an empty nest. Better safe than sorry, I checked it again. The photo below is what I found lying on the ground.

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