Sunday, May 22, 2011

Chocolate Almond Bark

This was the best almond bark ever...

Best Chocolate Almond Bark
2 giant Hershey bars (the big flat ones for a bit over $1)
1 Green & Black's dark chocolate bar
8 oz. sea salted almonds (or more depending on preference)

Line an 8" square pan or 9x13" pan with foil, choosing pan size based on how thick you want your finished chunks. Break up chocolates and melt in a double boiler or bowl over a pan of hot water, being careful not to get any water in the bowl as it will affect the texture. Once melted add the almonds and mix throughout. Pour into prepared pan and refrigerate until hardened.

*Notes - I've made this twice now. The first time was with chunks from a GIGANTIC sized Hershey bar that my husband received at Christmas (I'm talkin' the $20+ one) that I'd divided up and frozen. The second time was with the bit bigger than King Sized bars. While they both were fantastic, the first time was the best. I'm not sure if the grade of chocolate was perhaps different or if a drop of water may have gotten in the bowl the second time. But the texture turned a little crumbly the second time, so I believe it was due to steam or water accidentally splashing in. So while you want your water hot under the bowl, you don't want it boiling. Also, the Green & Black's dark chocolate bar really is what totally transformed a ho-hum Hershey bar into something so creamy smooth and exquisitely blissful...

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