Saturday, September 24, 2011

Day 19 Belly-Fat Cure

Breakfast> eggs, sausage, coffee (s/c=0/0)
Lunch> cajun cheese curds, 1 slice Ezekial toast with pb (s/c=3/2)
Snacks> 1 mini sugar-free York pattie (less than 1 carb)
Supper> pork rib, gnocchi, sauerkraut, lemonade (s/c=8/2)
Total s/c for today - 11/4
I was happy to discover that sauerkraut is virtually without sugar and carbs.  Even though I don't really like it, I figured I should now learn to for that reason alone.

The lemonade was made using 8cups of water mixed with 1/4cup lemon juice and 1/2cup xylitol.  It's not real tart or sour, so you may wish to make yours with more lemon juice or use less water.  But it was so good over ice as an alternative to water again.  

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