Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day 29 BFC and back to exercising!

Breakfast> 1 Ezekial toast with pb, Spam & eggs (s/c=3/2)
Lunch> chicken fillet w/ diced tomatoes sprinkled, cottage cheese, pickles (s/c=1/1)
Snacks> DQ sugarfree fudge bar (s/c=4/1)
Supper> beef & pork roast, leftover mac'n'cheese w/salsa, cottage cheese (s/c=1/1)
Total s/c for today - 9/5

Last couple of times I've weighed myself I discovered the needle seems to be stuck at about 196lbs.  Grrr.   I've decided to start using my Leslie Sansone dvd's that have been collecting dust over the past year or so, hoping to get things moving again.  (The Amazon Associate link to the right is for the dvd that I'm using currently.)  So tonight I did three miles.  I'd intended to start off slow, but once I did the first mile I still felt strong and as if I'd only just begun.  Same thing happened at the end of mile two.  I got to the end of mile three and figured I better hold off on adding more so that I don't end up regretting it by feeling sore in the morning.  That was a great, sweaty workout.  Love her dvd workouts.

Also, I realize that I shouldn't be having the DQ fudgebar as it's likely sweetened with an artificial sweetener.  But I need my sweets here and there so I don't go hog wild!  Cutting myself just a teensy-bit of slack...

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