Thursday, October 6, 2011

Day 31 BFC

Breakfast> 1/2c raspberries, 1 corn tortilla w/cinnamon "sugar", eggs w/salsa, green chai tea (s/c=5/2)
Lunch> riblet, cottage cheese, pickles, couple bites of salad, one orange segment (unsure of riblet info at this time)
Snacks> bite of graham cracker, nibble off a chocolate cookie, two baby sips of sweetened coffee...

My EPIC FAIL was planned.  At least I can say that so far each time had been intended.  But could you tell that that orange segment at lunch was the beginning of today's downward spiral?

When I'm putting moist chocolate cake squares (that are covered with thick fudgy frosting) on trays at work, counting out ice cream bars for students at work, cutting up wonderfully fragrant fruit for students or everyone else at home, or topping off the gas tank and picking up a steaming cup of pumpkin pie cappuccino from the gas station that my husband has requested... It all starts to wear me down.  It helps to be able to say to myself, "I shouldn't have that today.  But I can have it Thursday after work."  I can live with temporarily denying myself those things.  So that I can then have pizza and ice cream and milk, as that seems to be what I end up having. (This time it was thin crust cheese lovers pizza from the hut and spumoni ice cream.)  And here I thought coffee with sweetened creamers was going to be the "food stuff" I'd have the most trouble learning to do without...

I totally miss fruit.  The sight and scent of those cut glowing oranges at work were just too much for me today, too.  Who knew I'd miss fruit so much?  Bright emerald green kiwis, firm juicy nectarines, tart pineapple, crispy apples...  Maybe I should enjoy some extra fruit and milk on my "cheat" day.  That's what I think about off and on during the week when I'm limiting sugars.  Why do I think that I need to eat greasy pizza and sugar saturated ice cream?!?  I can only guess that it's habit and peer pressure (my family's desires) because they're not the foods that I really want.  And, boy, do I feel like a big slug now that I've finished that meal...

On a different note...
My BzzAgent kit for the Burt's Bees Sensitive Skin products came yesterday!  Last night was the first time trying the creamy moisturizing cleanser and lightly fragrant daily moisturizer.  I was a little put off by using a facial cleanser that didn't foam up.  But it appeared to have done the job of removing my makeup.  WITHOUT making my face feel tight or dry afterwards!  I wasn't sure about the moisturizer either, as while I smeared a little on, it felt a little too heavy for me.  Though that was not the case at all once it was completely smoothed on and, after a moment, absorbed in.  There was no irritation or redness at all, which is big for me.  Many cleansers and moisturizers that I've tried have stung a short time after I've used them and often leave it a little reddish-orange around my nose and mouth so much so that I need to apply extra cover-up makeup to hide it.  Let me try it a little longer before I encourage ya'll to go out and get some of this stuff.  But so far so good!  My skin immediately felt softer and appeared more even toned... and it smells pretty, too, without being too heavily scented.

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