Friday, November 25, 2011

Day 78, 79, 80

Thurs., Nov. 24
Cheat day, sort of.  Thanksgiving.  For the most part I ate low-carb.  I started my day with scrambled eggs, had a low-carb pita with peanut butter for lunch.  However, later in the afternoon, I had a few bites of a few things I know I shouldn't have.  Although I did limit myself to a couple bites of mashed potatoes and dressing even though a good gob more would've tasted great...

Wed., Nov. 23 
Cheat day.  It was the boss's birthday and I volunteered to make the cake.  And eat some.

Tues., Nov. 22

Breakfast> eggs & sausage, blackberries, coffee (s/c=3/1)
Lunch> few bites salad, baked chicken breast, cottage cheese, one bite pear slice (s/c= 2/0)
Supper> 2oz Dreamfields pasta w/meat sauce, couple asparagus spears (s/c= 5/2)
Snacks> Lindt dark choc. square w/pb, few raspberries, lick of mixing spoon... sad, sad, sad. (s/c=?6/2?)

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