Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Day 84

Breakfast> fried eggs, Spam, coffee (0/0)
Lunch> slice wheat bread w/tuna salad, cheese, few bits of lettuce, cottage cheese, 4 fries (3/2)
Snack> peanut butter, chocolate peanut butter shake (6/2)
Supper> baked pork chop, 1/4c grated apple w/cinnamon, fried cabbage, SoBe (5/2)
Total s/c = 14/6

Simple Fried Cabbage
(served 5 of us as a side/main dish)
8 oz bacon
1/2 head cabbage 

Slice bacon into bite size pieces.  Fry, drain on paper towels, reserve the grease.  Slice cabbage into bite size pieces. (I had about a quarter head of both green and purple cabbage leftover from a previous meal to use up.)  Dump bacon pieces back into fry pan, add cabbage and cook on medium heat until desired tenderness.  (I stir-fried for about 10mns so it was still crisp-tender.)  Add a drizzle of bacon grease as needed/desired and salt and pepper to taste.   (I don't know how much equals a serving.  I just know that there were 5 of us and it's all gone.  I had a loose 1/2c - yes, I measured - and everyone had varying amounts, J had seconds and would've liked more.)

Mon., Nov. 28
Breakfast> eggs w/ham, cheese, dash hot sauce, coffee (0/0)
Lunch> chicken fillet, few bites salad, cottage cheese, 1 bite pear (2/1)
Snacks> cheese, meats, crackers (2/1)
Supper> hamburger hotdish, few dice tomato, <1/8c peas, lemonade (3/2)
Total s/c = 7/4

I feel sort of naughty.  I had crackers with my snack.  The awesome thing was that 5 crackers has 10g carbs.  So... I ate 10!  (These were little round crackers from one of those little Hormel party trays.)  Which was a great thing when you consider how little I had to eat at supper.  Mom made the hamburger hotdish with a mushroom soup and egg noodles.  I had maybe 10 noodles.  Maybe.  I tried to get mostly hamburger.  It needed salt or something, so I put 1-2Tbsp peas mixed in and a few bits of tomato.

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