Sunday, December 18, 2011

Day 101 and Coconut Sweet! (not low-carb)

Coconut Sweets - I made no adaptions, so will just post a link to the Somali recipes site that I'd discovered after a trip that J and I made to a Somalian restaurant this summer.  While we hadn't tried these when we ate there, they are just too simple to pass up, especially when I intended to make macaroons of some sort for our Christmas cookie tray.  Take a peek around.  We'd tried (I think...) Bariis Fahfah, Chicken Suqaar and Sambusa at the restaurant and they were all unique and fantastic.

Breakfast> 1 Ezekial w/pb&j, coffee (3/2)
Lunch> turkey soup, several potato chips (1/2)
Snacks> coffee, taste of three Christmas treats
Supper> salmon, roasted baby potatoes w/mushrooms, 1-2Tbsp mixed veggies, pickle (4/2)
Total s/c - 8/6

Again, I'm sure my counts sky-rocketed due to the baking I've done.  However, I did just sneak a teeny-tiny taste of each.  (Coconut Sweet, No-Bake Fudgey Oatmeal Cookies, lick of jam from my finger when filling Thumbprints with cherry preserves)  Other than those I behaved...

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