Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Day 102-104

I will not be behaving at all from Thursday evening through some time on Sunday, Christmas Day.  So until this weekend sugar-bender passes, I likely won't be posting.  The son, D, has a Judo class tomorrow evening followed by a pizza party at a local joint.  While I'll avoid any breadsticks or garlic bread or soda, I will enjoy a couple pieces of fantastic pizza.  The next day we have company and the goodies will be out, including the new Tassimo Peppermint Mocha discs for my machine... that was mostly a present to myself, therefor I must have some. (Ha, ha!)  I also plan to make homemade eggnog tomorrow for Friday, too.  While that's got lots of eggs and cream, there's also plenty of real maple syrup in it.  Oh, how could I forget, and a Chocolate Zucchini Cake!  Saturday will be spent at T's house, where I will bring a cookie tray and she will have a bunch of goodies, as well as goodies brought by anyone else coming...  Well, you know how this goes down, right?  Nothing really planned for Christmas Day, though I suspect I will enjoy more goodies. 

Ya'll have a fabulous holiday weekend!

Wed., Dec.21
Breakfast> wheat toast w/butter, jam, cheese & coffee (3/1)
Lunch> small taco salad (1/1)
Snacks> one bite sized praline, one small raspberry almond bar, Tassimo chai latte, few pumpkin seeds (?/1)
Supper> lasagna made with Dreamfields pasta, roll (8/3)
Total s/c=12/6
Total does not include praline or raspberry almond bar taste-testing.  But, really, if I expect others to eat it I have to make sure it tastes good.  Right?!?

Tuesday, Dec.20
Breakfast> scrambled eggs w/spam, coffee (0/0)
Lunch> small taco salad, cottage cheese, 1 bite pear (2/1)
Snacks> bite of pecan praline
Supper> crockpot chicken with couple Tbsp pasta, 1 bite unsw. applesauce, SoBe (2/2)
Total s/c=4/3
Total does not include pecan praline taste-testing.

Monday, Dec.19
Breakfast> few leftover potatoes, scrambled eggs, coffee (2/1)
Lunch> 1c wild rice soup, cottage cheese w/one bite of peach (2/1)
Snacks> cheese, pepperoni, 1/2 bologna/cheese sandwich on Ezekial (0/1)
Supper> bunless burger, 4-5 fries (3/2)
Total s/c=7/5

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