Monday, December 12, 2011

Day 94 & 95

Tomorrow I hope to post the sugar cookie recipe that we used to make cut-outs for our Christmas cookie tray.  It's totally sugar filled, no low-carb cookies for that, folks.  Sorry.  I just can't afford the cost of the alternative ingredients that I need right now.  I just ran out of xylitol in the past couple of days and should really order some more soon.  While recently out of town I did find ground almonds at Farm & Fleet for a fair price, though I don't recall what that price was exactly, less than $4/lb as best as I can recall.  Never would've thought of looking there, right?

Monday, Dec.12
Breakfast> 2 fried eggs w/ham bits & cheese, 1/4c blackberries, coffee (4/1) 
Lunch> shredded pork roast, cheese slice, cottage cheese, few fries (1/1)
Snacks> diet orange soda, coffee
Supper> 1/3 Bellatori brand margarita pizza, small serving chicken alfredo w/Dreamfields pasta (4/2)
Total s/c=9/4

Sunday, Dec.11
Breakfast> 1 scrambled egg, coffee (0/0)
Lunch> bologna & cheese sandwich (6/2)
Snacks> probably enough cookie dough to equal a whole cookie, 1 slice Lime Cheesecake (2/<1)
Supper> Kickin' Chicken breast, 1/2c rice & butternut squash mix, 1/4c carrots (3/2)
Total s/c=11/5, not counting the cookie dough which I imagine threw me well over 

Although that cookie dough tasting had me thinking that I could just throw it all into the wind and chow down on some of the finished cookies, I resisted.   I have no idea what the sugar and carb count would have been.  But I know it was too much.

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