Saturday, December 10, 2011

Day 93 and Lime Cheesecake

Breakfast> 2 Ezekial toasts w/butter, jam, cheese and coffee (0/2)
Lunch> 1/2 bologna & cheese sandwich (3/1)
Snacks> 12 tortilla chips w/dip, 1 slice Lime Cheesecake (2/1)
Supper> chicken alfredo w/broccoli,cauliflower,carrot mix, 1 dinner roll, limeade (7/2)
Total = 12/6

That dinner roll did me in at supper.  I knew it before I even plated up.  But I was happy to find that, while it tasted good, it wasn't great and I know I won't miss it next time when I serve them.  It was a Rhodes roll, coming in at 5s/27c!  I could easily taste all 5 grams of sugar in that thing, I swear it.

 Lime Cheesecake Filling
(adapted from LowCarbFriends)
16oz. cream cheese
1/3c sour cream
1/2c heavy whipping cream
1/4c lemon juice
2-3Tbsp sugarfree lime gelatin mix
3Tbsp xylitol
3 packets stevia

(I made a few changes and hopefully am remembering them correctly as I somewhat accidentally threw the recipe out.)  Place lemon juice in liquid measure glass, add sweeteners and stir and let sit to dissolve.  Beat cream cheese, sour cream and whipping cream until well blended and creamy.  Mix in gelatin mix.  Then add the sweetened lemon juice.  (You may need to add a splash more of the whipping cream if it seems too thick still.  Think I added another 1/8-1/4c.)  Once all is mixed together, taste and add more sweetener if needed.  Spread into desired crust and refrigerate.   (Mine was frozen and partially thawed when I took the photo.  I wasn't sure when I'd get around to eating some and I wanted my crust to be solid.)

I have no recipe for the crust.  I used only about 1c raw whole almonds, a few crumbs left in both bags of pecans and walnuts, 2 packets stevia, about 1/4c (or less) coconut flour, possibly 2-3Tbsp almond flour and 3-4Tbsp refrigerated butter.  I whirred it all up in my food processor until it looked like graham cracker crust crumbs.  Then lightly buttered the pie plate and pressed my crust in to just cover the bottom and begin to go up the sides.

The topping was just a little whipping cream with a splash of a sugarfree vanilla syrup for light sweetening.

I cut mine into eighths.  Boy, is it ever filling.  Not sure of the carb count, but guessed it around 2s/<1c per serving.

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