Sunday, January 22, 2012

Better get back to posting what I eat...

My scale's barely budged for weeks now.  I'm certain it's due to several things: weekly cheat day, artificial sweeteners, not exercising much, not drinking enough water, not keeping a visual record of sugar/carb counts, etc.  Okay, so more than several things.  On a positive note, I did try on a pair of jeans that had about a 3-5" space that it couldn't bridge across my belly to button a couple of days ago.  Guess what?  They buttoned and I didn't feel like I was ready to pass out from the waistband cutting off circulation!  My size 18's are uncomfortably baggy, 16's also need to be hiked up all the time.  The jeans I tried on again are a size 14.  While not quite where I am aiming to be (10/12 would be nice), I'll take it!

Breakfast> 2 fried eggs w/mozzarella & hot sauce, 1 Ezekial toasted w/butter & jam, coffee (s/c=0/1)
Lunch> Flatout! pizza, water (s/c=4/2)
Snacks> low-carb brownie, coffee (?5/1)
Supper> Coq au Vin, 1/4c rice, 1/4c xylitol sweetened coleslaw, 1 cucumber slice, 1 green pepper slice, water (s/c=5/2)
Total s/c for today - 14/6

Truthfully, I don't know what the count is for the Coq au Vin, but given what's in it and what I ate of it, it doesn't amount to much.  (There were 8 pieces of chicken that served 6 of us, with plenty of leftovers for another meal.)  Before counting that my meal was at about a 2/1, so I just decided to round it up to be on the safe side.  Not sure on the brownies what the sugar count would be either, just guessed approximately.

Coq au Vin 
(adapted from Simply Recipes)
12 oz salt pork, cut into bite size bits
20 pearl onions, or 1 large yellow onion, sliced
3 lbs cut up fryer chicken, with bone & skin on
10 garlic cloves, peeled
1/4tsp ground black pepper
2 c chicken stock
2 c red cooking wine
2 bay leaves
1tsp dried thyme
1tsp dried parsley
2Tbsp butter
8 oz baby bella mushrooms, trimmed & quartered

In Dutch oven fry salt pork until crispy.  Remove and drain on paper towel lined plate.  Fry chicken pieces in the remaining grease until browned, doing in a couple of batches as room allows.  Remove chicken to plate.  Add onions and garlic to remaining grease and lightly brown.  Remove onions & garlic, drain grease from pan, return to medium heat and add stock, wine, pepper, bay, thyme and parsley.  Bring to simmer, add onions & garlic and chicken pieces back in and cover.  Let simmer about 20mns, or until chicken is cooked through.  Turn on broiler in oven. When chicken is done remove from Dutch oven and place on broiler pan.  Increase heat to high under Dutch oven, add butter & mushrooms, and boil down the wine/broth mixture to about half.  Meanwhile put chicken pieces under broiler and just crisp up the skin on both sides, this takes only a few minutes on each side.  When done place on serving platter.  Remove bay leaves from wine & mushroom sauce and serve with the chicken.

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