Friday, January 13, 2012

Easy Chicken Adobo

This was very, very tasty.  Though, I must confess, a touch more salty than what I am used to as I don't add salt to most recipes.  Even though I used a reduced sodium soy sauce, it still was a little saltier than I am accustomed to.  The original recipe that I adapted from used less garlic and appeared to have cut it more finely - I love garlic and loved the big chunks that remained in the sauce.  I also like plenty of black pepper, so that had to be increased, too.  No soggy, rubbery chicken skin with this recipe.  The broiler crisped it up to perfection.

Easy Chicken Adobo
( adapted from All Day I Dream About Food )
1/2c reduced/low-sodium soy sauce
1/2c apple cider vinegar
1c water
4 cloves chunky chopped garlic
1tsp heaping ground black pepper
3 lbs chicken thighs and legs

Combine all but the chicken in a large pot or Dutch oven and heat to a boil.  Add chicken pieces, cover and let cook 20mns over medium to low heat.  Turn pieces and cover again and let simmer another 10-15mns.  Meanwhile heat your broiler.  Remove chicken and place on a lightly oil sprayed broiler pan.  Return pan to oven and cook chicken 5mns, flip, cook another 5mns.  While the chicken's in the broiler, boil the remaining sauce in the pan until it is reduced to about 1c.  Serve with chicken.

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