Friday, January 13, 2012

Have you used myfitnesspal?

127 days... But who's counting?!?  I'd like to state that I've never stuck to a way of eating this long before.  Alas, I cannot still.  I have kept having my 1 cheat day per week.  But now instead of an all day pig-out I wait until afternoon and try to make a little bit better of choices.  I do mean little bit better.  For instance, yesterday was the cheat day.  I had half an apple around noon time.  Which wouldn't necessarily have been the kiss of death for this diet.  But it tasted so good that I ended up eating another half of an apple a short while later.  Then while at B's house I had a second 1/4c serving of rice... along with a dessert of 3 malt balls and 6 Gimbal's Cherry Lover's Jellybeans.  (By the way, those are the absolute best jellybeans on this planet!  I brought them to share so they wouldn't be in our house to tempt me.  That worked great, right?)  The "icing on the cake" was when J came home and brought us all a Culver's Cookie Dough flavor-of-the-day late night treat.

This morning I did the "I'm not going to cheat next week" speel to myself.  I'm frustrated with losing then gaining the same 3-4 lbs. week after week.  Must Get Serious Now!

For the past few days I've been keeping track of what I've been eating by using an app that I downloaded for free to my Kindle Fire.  If interested, you can visit myfitnesspal here .  Amazon offers the free app download.  I'm still getting the hang of it.  However I've learned enough to be shocked by the calories, and other counts that you can track with this, of what I've consumed.

I've tried a couple of new recipes that I've discovered out in blogland.  I'll try to get them posted either tonight or tomorrow.  Best wishes for those of you on this low-carb lifestyle!

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