Friday, January 13, 2012

Sugar-free Mocha Iced Coffee

I've had a sweet tooth and a strong desire for a treat tonight.  While perusing a few blogs I saw a post on iced coffees and got to thinking about the leftover coffee in our pot from earlier today.  Certainly I could make one sugar-free/low-carb... so I did.  Turned out quite yummy-sweet and decadent, the heavy whipping cream gives it a nice satisfying mouth-feel.  I think it amounts to less than 6g carbs for filling my 16oz insulated cup.

Sugar-Free Iced Mocha
1/4c heavy whipping cream
1c cold brewed coffee
1Tbsp xylitol
1tsp vanilla
1Tbsp sugar-free chocolate flavored syrup

Mix all in a glass measuring cup.  Allow to sit for a few minutes so the xylitol dissolves completely, then stir again.  Pour over ice in a tall glass.

I would imagine you could substitute to no end with this.  For instance, in place of the chocolate syrup you could use one of those sugar-free liquid syrups such as Torani brand syrups, or nothing in it's place even.  You could swap in some almond milk or coconut milk for the heavy whipping cream.  Use whatever sweetener you like best.  With a Torani syrup you might like to skip the sweetener all together.  I happen to like my cold coffee drinks pretty darn sweet (Oh, how I loved thee, McDonald's Mocha Frappe...) so found I needed that shot of xylitol.

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