Monday, February 27, 2012

Tie-Dye Birthday Cake - NOT Low-Carb

Some years ago I saw a tie-dyed cake in a Woman's World magazine that I'd planned to make for my daughter.  Of course, each year it was forgotten until I already purchased one from a bakery or made something else.  I had recently seen one done on a blog that reminded me of that cake, and, luckily I came across it in time for her birthday this year, which is tomorrow.  Since she won't be home for her birthday we decided to have it tonight.  While it's not nearly as lovely as the one I'd seen in the magazine or that blog, it was appreciated all the same.

Tie-Dye Cake was made simply using a white cake mix made by following the directions on the box.  Divide the batter up into three (or more if you'd like) bowls.  Choose the colors of gel food dye that you'd like - I used Wilton brand - and, using a toothpick or two, add a bit of the dye to each bowl, stirring and adding more until your batter reaches your desired shade.  Preheat your oven to temperature designated on the box and prepare your baking pans.  (I like Crisco to make for an easy release after cooling.)  Then just drop blops of batter into your pans and do a quick swirl by dragging a butter knife through.

Bake for time directed.  Allow to cool completely.
Frost with your favorite buttercream frosting, use a complimentary color, of course, and decorate as you like.
 Yes.  The frosting is extremely thick on the edges.  I should have taken a moment to level my cake by shaving off some of the top rather than building up the edges... but this was a better tasting option.  I do not claim to be a good, or even decent, cake decorator.  I used Sprees and Skittles.  The leftover candies I bagged up and added to the birthday girl's gifts.
As for eating low-carb today... Well the day started out right and even was good through lunch.  However, making the cake and frosting?  That didn't work out so well.  By the time supper rolled around I had decided to just start fresh in the morning again and gobbled up a good size serving of spaghetti (not even Dreamfield's pasta) with a good gob of somewhat-homemade meat sauce and a slice of garlic toast.  This is just going to be a bad week.  Dad's birthday is in two days.  Then J's birthday is a few days after that...  I opted out of making Dad's cake.  Sister-in-law, N, gets the honor.  As for J?  He'd likely be just as happy with a Dairy Queen treat, so I'll have the option of a sugarless fudgesicle anyway.

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