Sunday, February 26, 2012

Draw my name, draw my name!

Anyone following this low-carb way of eating get out to enjoy Olive Garden?  I haven't been there for months and months...  Alas, the bread sticks alone would knock me clear off the wagon.  So that just has not been somewhere I have thought to eat.  Although I just came across a contest being ran on The Girl Who Ate Everything and have been daydreaming about what I actually could eat there!  Here I am, shamelessly attempting to get notice in Christy's contest...  But you can enter yourself as well!  To enter, visit her site here: The Girl Who Ate Everything - Olive Garden Giftcard Giveaway 

Some things I could have... Salad, Smoked Mozzarella Fonduta (bring my own cracker/chip), Smoked Mozzarella Chicken (without the pasta, of course), Herb Grilled Salmon,  Mixed Grill, Scampi...  I'm sure I could find something!

Right here!  Here I am, Christy!  Pick me, pick me! 

Saturday & Sunday, Feb.25 & 26
Stayed on diet.

Friday, Feb.24
Breakfast> scrambled eggs w/spam, coffee (0/1)
Lunch> few tator-tots, blop of sloppy joe, cottage cheese & couple bites lettuce, pickles
Supper>...fell off the wagon...

Well, I tried to stay on plan.  We ended up going out to eat with B, little brother, and his family, as well as Ma & Pa, to Pizza Hut.  I checked the menu online and figured salad and a couple mozzarella sticks would give me a very pizza-like option.  Which it really would have.  If only our location had it available.  So after my salad was just about done the pizzas arrived at the table.  You all can guess what disaster happened next.  And, as typically happens, I then followed it up, once we got home, with a tall glass of milk and Girl Scout cookie chasers.

Thursday, Feb.23
Breakfast> eggs w/sausage & cheese, sf cappuccino (0/1)
Lunch> chicken taco salad, cottage cheese, bite of trail mix (5/2)
Supper> Wendy's bunless asiago spicy chicken sandwich, few fries (3/2)
Total = 8/5 

I mostly resisted the urge to cheat today, with the exception of the trail mix.  I really wanted to see if I were to skip it if the scale would begin to budge again.  As of this evening it has not moved from 179.

Wednesday, Feb.22
Breakfast> eggs w/sausage, coffee (0/0)
Lunch> chicken fillet, cottage cheese, 1 peach slice, few bites salad (1/1)
Snacks> nuts, 1 sf peppermint patty (1/2)
Supper> chicken wings w/pepper & stir-fry sauce seasoning, cottage cheese w/2 fresh orange segments (5/2)
Total = 7/5

Tuesday, Feb.21
Breakfast> eggs w/cheese & sausage, sf cappuccino (0/1)
Lunch> chicken fillet, 1/2c wild rice soup, few bites of lettuce & cottage cheese (3/2)
Snacks> sf ice cream w/sf caramel syrup (5/2)
Supper> turkey in gravy, few bites dressing, sf cranberries (5/2)
Total = 13/7

I knew I should've skipped the ice cream treat.

Monday, Feb.20
Breakfast> eggs w/ham & mozzarella, sf cappuccino (0/1)
Lunch> 4 crackers w/deviled ham spread & cheese, coffee (1/1)
Snacks> few peanuts, SoBe (1/1)
Supper> Sloppy Joe with no bun, fries, cottage cheese, 1/2 piece apricot (10/2)
Total = 12/5 

Zoinks!  Way too much sugar in that sloppy joe mix.  Guess I'll start looking for a homemade version that might be more acceptable!

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