Saturday, April 7, 2012

Excuses, excuses...

Before I forget... Tried the steeped tea bag (chai spiced/flavored) with HWC and Stevia.  It was very good.  (But I like the dry mix more.  I'm so hard to please.)

I'm pretty disappointed in myself.  After last week's 2 day trip and not watching what I was eating, I gained back a couple of pounds.  It's frustrating to spend more than three times that long to get the needle on the scale to budge a pound even!  But I've been back at it, even cutting back on the sugarless candy treats I'd been having here and there... okay, well... daily... couple-times-a-day kind of daily, actually.  If I could just lose the fruit cravings and yummy hot drinks I'd be sitting pretty.  And probably skinnier.

It's so easy to be affected by the people I'm around.  A coworker is on Weight Watchers and she munches on a dish of fruit or a big cookie at break time because her diet allows her the points for it and "fruit is good for a person after all", hence my several times a week snack of an apple w/pb.  (I'm just thankful that the cookies no longer appeal to me as they had in my prior life!)  D and J will be back from Judo shortly and will be undoubtedly bringing me a single-scoop dish of Chocolate Covered Strawberry custard from Culver's, as it's my favorite and I will save it for my cheat day.  (Well, that and the fact that I asked for it...)  Mother makes supper and it's a noodle loaded nightmare (aka Hamburger Helper) - sorry, Mom, but it is what it is.  Oh, wait, lest I forget the vegetable mix of peas/carrots/corn.  Sometimes it feels like I'm just doomed to stay fat.  You know, darn Target, too!  They gave me a Catalina coupon for B1G1 at the Starbucks in their store, so you know I'll have to use that on a mocha or frappuccino with J before it expires.  See?!?  It's really not my own fault after all.

Monday (check!)- Parents make - Hamburger Helper & Mixed veggies (I had leftovers from last night and about 1T peas.)
Tuesday (check!)- Butter Chicken & Quinoa, Kiwi & Strawberry mix
Wednesday (check!)- Parents make - Steak & Potato
Thursday (check!)- Salmon Patties & Fries
Friday (check!)- Kebobs (not sure what kind, probably shrimp and pork?)
Saturday (check!)- Roasted Chicken (brought to B&N's house, they made rest of meal)
Sunday (check!) - Ham, Cauliflower & Broccoli Gratin, beets, corn, gnocchi & gravy

I ordered an Atkins book from Paperbackswap.  I'd had one way-back-when I'd made my way down to around 160 (like around 12 years ago).  Thought it'd be a great way to get myself back on track better.

I made a cheesecake for Easter.  I used the very simple recipe on the inside of the cream cheese package only I omitted the crust and replaced the sugar with a 50/50 mix of xylitol and stevia.  Then I used a can of no sugar added cherry pie filling for the topping.

As part of my ongoing efforts to be more frugal I experimented with making my own laundry softener.  I used 3c. water, 1&1/2c. vinegar and 1c. hair conditioner.  Just mix and use in place of regular softener.  I have already used it for several loads and honestly, they appear to be less static than even when I use my typical sheets.  There's no residue that I've noticed and no scent other than the Tide detergent that I used for washing.

Oh!  Made myself some more homemade creamer.  This time I used a can of coconut milk, cocoa, xylitol/stevia and a splash of almond extract.  It seemed a tiny bit thick so I added a splash of half and half.  I think I should've just left it out as it seems that the coconut flavor became diluted.  But it was still pretty tasty in my coffee.

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