Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday Evening Post

Just when I figured I had this menu planning business down... It's hard enough to do with a couple of kids coming and going.  But toss a couple of parents in to the mix, too?!?  I think I have something planned for supper and come home to discover my dad has decided we will have fish.  Pollock.  Uh... yuck. 

Chemotherapy begins for Dad on Wednesday.  He'll get one injection that day, then return to the nearby city to get a second one on Thursday.  I have to admit that it's been causing me a bit of anxiety.  Yeah, I know.  Here I am thinking of my own anxiety when it's my dad that's facing the illness.  As a way to help relieve some of that worry I tried to inform myself about some things for him to eat when he won't be feeling like eating at all.  I checked out Betty Crocker's Living With Cancer Cookbook from the library.  I don't know if it helped a whole lot as most of the recipes do not appeal to Dad now when he isn't feeling sick.  But I was reminded that smoothies are a great option for getting in nutritious fruits or vegetables while hydrating and soothing to eat for if he gets sores in his mouth or experiences dry mouth.  Additionally, I learned that sauteeing veggies, such as bell peppers, will cut the acidity, making them easier to eat as well.  I'd love to hear any other ideas or suggestions if anyone's had experience.

In other news, our daughter, "A", received a phone call on Saturday morning from the private college in the nearby city.  She is one of up to 20 students that are receiving a "free ride", 4 years' tuition paid!  One of the requirements is that she needs to live on campus, and that runs about $8,000/yr.  (We're keeping our fingers crossed on additional scholarships helping with that, as well as A doing work study.)  The college is only a half hour away.  So while driving back and forth would have been possible, without this scholarship she would never have been able to afford going.  She'll end up paying about 1/3, or less, the cost once she's done.  I haven't gotten to read her essay that accompanied her application, but it must've been killer!  Good job, Bean!

As for the crazy-boy-child, "D", well he's doing better in school.  The 3 D's I saw on his most recent report card are currently C's.  I'll tell you what, parents... Take away their video games and it's amazing the progress they can make.  Of course, much of it was my own fault as I wasn't checking the parent portal on our school's site to keep track of his schoolwork.  I've been making a big point of making sure he knows I'm looking regularly now.  I just feel bad that I didn't do it sooner. 

Husband, "J", is going away for two days this week for training.  He's an aid at a nursing home but has been doing restorative care rather than aid work for the past year or two now.  I've been trying to encourage/persuade him to look into physical therapy assistant training.  But he's someone who's just fine doing what he's doing, so...  I'm still just a lunch lady.  I recently applied for a computer job with an insurance company, made it through a couple of assessments already, too.  The final interview was next.  However, due to Dad's health, as well as the stress it is placing upon Mom, I will be calling to decline at this time.  It's a full-time job, mandatory overtime at times, and has a good benefits package.  But it's also in the nearby city, so I'd be looking at roughly $400/month in gas, not to mention that we'd likely have to buy a new vehicle as both of ours are 10yrs old and running rough.  The cons just outweigh the pros at this point in my life.   But all's not lost.  I will be working at the school in the housekeeping department over the summer, readying the rooms for the next school year.  Apparently I am also one of those that's just fine doing what I'm doing, too.

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  1. Becky that is SO exciting about your daughter and college?! Congrats to her! A great school, close by, and a nearly a full ride? w00t!