Friday, August 17, 2012

Playing a little catch up.

July 17 - Last night Dad made a comment about feeling sick.  He then mentioned this again this afternoon.  We've had unusually high temps and he's increased the amount of water he'd been drinking.  His idea is that it may be dehydration or heat stroke.  But he acknowledged tonight that it could be the chemo finally making him feel like... well, shit.

July 27 - Dad was supposed to go for round four of chemo.  He has had a rash for about the past month on his right wrist area that he thinks is from something in the garden as he recalls that he's had this same sort of rash each summer when starting gardening.  The doctor wants to be safe (wise, of course) and put off treatment in case it is an infection.  She also wants to remove two little lumps that he's had on his back for years and make sure those do not become infected prior to treatment, too.  On a positive note, he had scans done that showed a decrease in lymph nodes size. The same encouraging turn-out.

August 3 - One of the lumps on his back has been drained.  Haven't heard more on that yet.  Brain scan shows no difference and it was decided to leave it alone, no exploratory surgery.

August 8 - Apparently Dad will be missing his fourth chemo treatment, too, as the doctor wants to be sure there'll be no infection still.

August 16 - Both back lumps have been removed.

As for my own self-improvement project, I have decided to do a little experiment.  I purchased a bottle of generic hair regrowth serum, similar to Rogaine.  The first week of August is when I began to use it and took the first photo.  I'll photo after one month of use.  Since it says that it may take up to four months to notice any growth, I will then update for a couple more months, too.  Not only do I have a balding head due to PCOS, my mother's got pretty thin hair as well.  Double whammy.

On the frugal front, well, haven't improved a whole lot.  Which is not to admit failure, just that when you don't have much to begin with it's hard to reduce further.  You know what I mean?  I did have some leftover tomatoes/mozzarella/basil with balsamic/olive oil dressing that we used up for breakfast this morning.  Here's what that looked like (so, so good):

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  1. I'm sorry to hear all that is going on with your dad. Sounds like it's been a stressful summer.

    I know what you mean about trying to reduce. I read all these blogs and articles on how to cut back and i think, huh I've been doing that for the past 5 years, isn't there something else I can do? It's frustrating.

    Your bfast looks tasty too. And I'm not even a tomato fan. Cheese makes everything better though!