Sunday, August 19, 2012

Thai Coffee

Have you ever made Thai coffee, or Thai iced coffee?  I've only tried a version of it once, back in my real sugar guzzling days, and it wasn't even very authentic.  I simply poured a small can of condensed milk into my coffee carafe before brewing an extra strong pot of coffee, per the directions on a blog/site that I'd come across (have no idea what blog/site anymore, maybe Kraft).  I don't even remember adding any spices to it.  I've since learned that you should, at the very least, add cardamom.  At any rate, I somewhat accidentally came across an even simpler, not to mention healthier, version.  A couple of days ago I was making myself the typical morning brew and recalled Amber from Me and Jorge: Belly Fat Cure Diet had suggested adding mulling spices to my coffee.  While I've added cinnamon bark, nutmeg and cloves to my grounds in the past, I didn't own a mixed combination of any spices... But our tea bags are stored in the cupboard behind the coffee can and the Celestial Seasonings Chai flavor was peeking out right above and behind the can, sort of like it was waving and yelling, "Here I am, pick me, pick me!"

We now use just a 4c coffee maker, aside from my Tassimo machine.  Although it says 4c on the carafe, we get 2 & 1/2 mugs of coffee per pot.  This is usually just about right for us in the morning before work.  So my measurements may seem funny, but adjust accordingly for your pot size.

Thai Coffee
4c cold water
4 somewhat heaping Tbsps coffee grounds
1 Celestial Seasonings Chai Tea Sweet Coconut Thai tea bag
Half & Half

Tear open tea bag and pour contents into coffee grounds basket, add grounds, fill water reservoir, then brew.  When done add sweetener of your choice and half & half (I tend to be a bit generous and fill my mug about 1/4-1/3 of the way with h&h) to your mug, whatever amount you normally enjoy with your coffee.  Pour in your coffee and give a quick stir. Ah, yum yum, enjoy.

Editing to add that on the frugal front, yesterday I sewed a button on to two pair of capris that I've had lying around.  I'd been considering just tossing them out.  How lazy was that?!?  I also stitched the crotch of a pair of my husband's scrub bottoms, rather than just throwing out and checked over another set of scrubs that he's had set aside for months.  While the pants had a big hole/tear in the knee, the top was perfectly fine.  Plus it just so happens to match the other bottoms that I was able to repair!

I also scored a great deal at Avon's site.  I went through MyPoints so I can earn rewards there, too.  I had a free shipping code on any purchase, so I went through the clearance section and found the big 24fl oz bottles of peppermint bubble bath for only $3.  I snapped up 4, one for each coworker.  We do a small gift exchange each Christmas, so this will be perfect.  I already have 4 little buckets with lids from after holiday sales, think they were $1 each, and I intend to make peppermint bark to put in the buckets.  So far, I'm only in $4 per person!  Yay!

My parents have basil and rosemary growing on the porch.  They'll likely let it die over winter, so I intend to get out there and pick then dry them before that happens.  Love, love, love that basil on the tomatoes and mozzarella.


  1. I should try that, I think I have a box of that same tea in my cabinet! I have a whole stack of clothes that need mended. I'm hoping to get to it when school starts.

  2. I'm jealous that you are already on the ball for xmas! Sounds like some great gifts you've got in the works.

    I have a pile of mending to do as well. Thanks for the reminder to get crackin!