Sunday, September 30, 2012

What'd you eat this past week?

(Here's the boy, D, dressed up for Homecoming.  The white spot on his leg must be a bit of dust on my lense as there's no spot on his pants - oops.)

Sun., Sept.23
B> eggs w/cheese & salsa, various meats, 1/2 English muffin (ate at a buffet)
L> tomato slice w/mozzarella and basil, coffee w/homemade creamer
S> steak, stir fried purple cabbage, fries, spaghetti squash
Snacks> green apple w/pb

Yes.  I ate the whole apple.  I tried eating only half but it was so darn good...

Mon., Sept.24
B> fried eggs, leftover steak strips, coffee, chai
L>chicken fillet w/cheese & squirt of bbq, small bowl chicken wild rice soup, cottage cheese, few grapes
S> leftover pork loin roast diced into leftover potatoes/broccoli/red peppers/garlic
Snacks> zucchini banana muffin, diet soda, 1/2 bologna & cheese on Ezekial

It sounds like a lot.  But supper was pretty unsatisfying.  I also was sitting in front of the tv watching a couple episodes of Fringe on dvd.  I'll try to remember that sunflower or pumpkin seeds are a good tv watching snack...  The grape's were a splurge, too.  But I had to taste test them at work before serving them to the kids, right?!?

Tues., Sept.25
B> scrambled eggs w/diced bacon, tomato & cheese, zucchini banana muffin, chai
L> turkey "noodle" soup leftovers, cottage cheese, cheese quesadilla w/sour cream & salsa
S> baked salmon fillet, 1/4-1/2c each potato & beets, 1/4c spaghetti squash w/butter & garlic
Snacks> few almonds, few blackberries, zucchini banana muffin

The quesadilla was made with a whole wheat tortilla and had no nutritional info on its packaging (ate at work) so I should have just skipped it.  I know there's too much sugar in the beets and potatoes I had at supper, too.

Wed., Sept.26
B> 2 fried eggs w/salsa, zucchini banana muffin, 5 blackberries and a bite of banana, coffee w/creamer
L>1/4c mashed potatoes, chicken w/gravy, cottage cheese, few bites lettuce salad, pickles
S> bunless hamburger w/romaine, tomato & couple thing rings of onion, (#12=1serv) sweet potato fries, cottage cheese, two bites baked beans... and two grapes
Snacks> 1/2 apple w/pb

Thurs, Sept.27
B> 2 Ezekiel toasts w/pb, coffee w/creamer, 5 blackberries
L> few bites of salad, cottage cheese, about 1/4c watermelon, pork riblet
S> baked chicken, 1/2 small squash (not sure what kind it was, it was a cross-breed from our garden-sort of like a mini spaghetti squash and an acorn squash)
Snacks> apple w/pb, sf peanut butter cup, chai

Fri, Sept.28
B> coconut biscuit pancakes w/sf syrup & butter, 5 blackberries, coffee w/creamer
L> 2 chicken fillets, small sf mocha
S> salad, three slices thin crust pizza (minus the edge crust)
Snacks> apple w/pb

Used the coconut biscuit recipe I have on this blog to make the pancakes.  I just replaced half of the coconut flour with protein powder and thinned it with extra h&h.  They were pretty darn good for giving me a pancake fix.  The fillets were leftover from work - they're not the greatest lunch choice, but they were free and decent tasting.  The mocha I picked up while we were in town from our little drive-thru coffee stand.  I caught the girl before she was going to add skim milk to my drink and asked if they had h&h.  They did.  We were both happy.  Me because I saved a little bit of s/c and her because she learned something new - the h&h and heavy whipping cream have less sugar than the milk she was about to add.  It was wonderful!  Plus it kept me from totally falling off diet as we stopped at the gas station to get gas and the coffee/cappuccino station was tempting me...  Filling the gas tank and filling my belly with a sugary coffee drink went hand in hand.

Sat, Sept.29
B> 2 chicken fillets, 5 blackberries, coffee w/creamer
L> deli chicken breast, less than 1/4c mashed potatoes w/gravy, sf cappuccino
S> small serving Dreamfields pasta w/meat sauce
Snacks> 1 slice Ezekial w/meat & cheese, few Pringles, apple w/pb

Of course a too small supper sets me up for gorging later at night.  Grr. Plus I've just been eating a lot in general.  I don't know if it's just the time of the year, you know, fattening up for winter, or what exactly.

Check out this tightwad idea.  J wanted to buy a new Kindle Fire case that featured his favorite NFL team, the Miami Dolphins.  We only checked out Amazon and didn't see one, plus the ones we did find of other teams cost a ridiculous amount.  So I jokingly suggested just adhering a sticker of some sort.  The "lightbulb look" came over his face and he dug out a pile of those NFL stickers that you could get from dispenser machines for 50cents each long ago (just like a candy dispenser).

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