Sunday, October 7, 2012

Week In Review

Sun, Sept.30
B> two fried eggs, 1 Ezekiel toast w/butter & jam, coffee w/creamer
L> meat & cheese sandwich on Ezekiel, Pringles
S> 1/4c rice w/diced chicken in gravy, tomato & mozzarella slices, asparagus, few cubes cantaloupe
Snacks> 1/2c baked apple slices w/stevia sweetened whipped cream

Mon, Oct.1
B> scrambled eggs on tomato & cheese slices, 1 Ezekial toast w/butter & jam, coffee w/creamer
L> shredded pork topped with cheese/little lettuce/couple tomato dice/sour cream & taco sauce, couple watermelon cubes
S> Culver's bunless burger on salad greens, fries (looked like a 1/2serv too much...)
Snacks> sf cappuccino, 1/2 apple w/pb, sf raspberry chocolate bar

Tues, Oct.2
B> scrambled eggs w/few diced leftover fries, 2 cantaloupe chunks, sf cappuccino
L> shredded pork taco salad, cottage cheese
S> mock mashed potatoes, steak, asparagus, 1/4c carrots
Snacks> sf mini york mint, 1/2 slice wheat bread w/pb, small apple w/pb, couple Tbsp pb w/dark choc.chips
 I made these mock mashed potatoes by using a stick blender to mash some cooked cauliflower, a touch of cream cheese, a couple pinches of parmasen cheese, little minced garlic, rosemary, s&p and some butter.  They were too thin so I added one cube of boiled potato to both thicken it up a little and to help with the flavor and texture.  They were actually pretty tasty.  Took the photo before loading my steak onto the plate... Nobody needs to see how much steak I can put away!

Wed, Oct.3
B> 2 slices Ezekiel toasted, bologna, cheese, last of the pringles (serving size stack), coffee
L>  salad, cottage cheese, 1/4-1/2c tator-tot hotdish, pickles
S> taco salad, 1/2 of a peach
Snacks> Zero water, small apple w/pb

Thurs, Oct.4
B> steak & eggs, 1 Ezekiel w/butter & jam, coffee w/creamer
L> chicken taco salad, cottage cheese w/1peach slice, pickles
S> taco salad leftovers, sf cappuccino
Snacks> handful peanuts, sf fudgesicle, 1/2 bologna & cheese sandwich

The sandwich ended up being on a slice of Brownberry bread as I was out of Ezekiel.  I wouldn't have wanted it if I'd just gone to bed when I was tired.  Instead I stayed up too late and got hungry...Grr.

Fri, Oct.5
B> scrambled eggs, lower-carb zucchini banana muffin, 2 coffee w/creamer
L> bunless hot dog, small apple w/pb
S> Dreamfield's spaghetti w/meat sauce, 1/4c roasted squash w/butter and s&p
Snacks> sf rootbeer float

Sat, Oct.6
B> scrambled eggs w/cheese & salsa, few strawberries, 1 Ezekiel toast w/butter & jam, coffee w/cream & stevia
L> 1 Ezekiel toast w/pb, coffee w/cream & stevia
S> 3 slices deLite Chicken Bacon Artichoke Pizza, 1/4c whole wheat pasta & meat sauce, small salad
Snacks> 1 string cheese, few bites too many of sugary popcorn experiment, capful of peanuts

I'm trying to come up with a yummy popcorn treat to include in my co-workers' Christmas baskets for this year.  I have a clear vision of what I want in my mind.  But today's experiment failed to meet my expectations.  Though I know what kind of changes I need to make on the next batch to get it to turn out right.  Hopefully I'll post in the next couple days with that recipe.  Today's tasted great and won't go to waste though as J will take it to work to share.

I truly meant to stop with 2 pieces of pizza.  This was the first time we had this kind and it was so good!  I was going to make more Dreamfield's pasta but we still had some leftover whole wheat pasta from supper last night so I was lazy and just ate it that way.  I am so stuffed, to the point of discomfort, so I know that that was no good and I should've just skipped the pasta altogether.  Again.  Grr.

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