Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pink Peppermint Popcorn Recipe - Not low-carb

Popcorn experiment was a success!  So yummy!  I had too many tastes to make sure it was good.  But I certainly can't give something as a gift that I don't know if I'd like myself, right?!?  So, so good.  I'd been hunting for a recipe to follow and couldn't find one that fit what I had envisioned.  There were recipes that were close, but just not right.  Once I ground the mallow bits up I knew this would work fantastically.  It's a cinch to make and so addictive to eat.  (This batch pictured was brought to J's mom's house on Sunday.)  Here's what I did:

Pink Peppermint Popcorn
1/4c popcorn kernals, air popped
6 blocks white almond bark (about 10oz)
1/2c Kraft Peppermint Mallow Bits, ground to a powder
1 tsp red sparkling sugar
few dashes of salt to taste

Melt almond bark in double boiler as you pop the popcorn.  Pulverize (in food processor, or I use my  shake blender cup) the mallow bits, then add the red colored sugar.  When almond bark's melted slowly drizzle over popcorn while gently tossing the popcorn around to evenly coat.  After using about half of the almond bark I added about half of the peppermint mallow bit powder mix.  Then repeat with remaining bark and powder.  Shake on salt to your preference.  Lay out evenly on a pan to cool.  I used a couple Silpat liners. 

I will be making this as part of the Christmas gift exchange we do at work in the kitchen at the school.  (It's so nice working with such a small group of wonderful ladies!)  I've got cute little buckets that I'd bought end of season last year that I will package this popcorn in, too.  I think I will also drizzle a little extra white chocolate over it once it's on the pan to cool, then crush a couple of mints and sprinkle those so that they stick to the drizzle for an extra minty boost.

12/23/12 - Wanted to update.  I was unable to find the Mallow Bits anywhere!  So I found a great alternative.  Jello has a pink peppermint pudding mix that was a fantastic stand in in this recipe.  Everyone loved it!

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