Saturday, March 9, 2013

Coconut Milk Braised Turkey

I had started out tracking what I was eating again last week.  I deleted what I'd had.  It served its purpose in letting me realize just how much extra fruit and snacks I was indulging in, hence my inability to get off this plateau.  So for this week I decided to just forget about recording and be more mindful of what was going in my mouth.  I've cut back on some of the apples and other fruits I was snacking on and started buying berries again.  I skipped a couple of somewhat planned cheats and I've cut back on the artificially sweetened stuff.  Not perfect, by no means, but do-able.  Something else that sort of helps me is to discover new recipes and experimenting in the kitchen.  I made this super yummy supper tonight!  I had my serving over 1/4c of jasmine rice.  But next time I intend to try making cauli-rice... because I wanted to eat more!  Note my measurements for the soy and tamarind sauce - I used one measure cup and just used a 50/50 combo that equaled 1/3c (first time trying tamarind).  This served 6 of us with no leftovers.
Coconut Milk Braised Turkey
(adapted from Rachel Ray Magazine)
2 Tbsp olive/coconut oil
2 & 1/2 lbs turkey parts
s&p to taste
1 (14oz) can coconut milk
1/3c cider vinegar
1/6c soy sauce
1/6c tamarind sauce
1 head garlic, skins removed and smashed
2 bay leaves
1/4 tsp crushed red pepper
8 oz kale, roughly torn from stems

In Dutch oven, heat oils on medium to high heat.  Add s&p seasoned turkey, in batches if necessary, and brown.  Add remaining ingredients, except kale, and bring to a boil.  Lower the heat, cover and simmer, turning meat after 10-15mns.  Cover again and let simmer until turkey's cooked through, maybe another 15mns.  Remove bay leaves.  Add spinach, squashing it down into the liquid.  Heat until just wilted. 


  1. sounds like you have a good plan. You won't regret the cauli rice - it's a great substitution. I don't even like regular rice anymore. Have a great week!

  2. Yeah it sounds like you are doing a lot better and focused. The turkey sounds great. I with Dawn - never eat rice any more except brown rice once in a while. Have a good one :-)