Monday, March 25, 2013

Roasted Pork & Cabbage

I am  really loving my Dutch oven lately.  It just makes such succulent meals every single time.  Yes, this takes a bit of time since you are seasoning your meat and letting it tenderize for a short bit, browning it, then cooking for about two hours more.  But it turns out so tender... so good... it's worth the effort.  Will make again, though likely will use a little larger cabbage as we were all looking for more.

Roasted Pork & Cabbage
(by Becky @ Becky's Place) 
(served 5 w/few leftover slices of meat)
1tsp pink salt
1/4-1/2tsp black pepper
1Tbsp smoked paprika
1Tbsp herbs de provence
about 3.5lb pork shoulder roast
2-4Tbsp olive/coconut oil
8 or more garlic cloves, left whole but slightly crushed with side of knife
1/2 of a large onion, just cut into a couple of chunks
small head cabbage, cut into 8 wedges with core removed

Mix salt, pepper, paprika and herbs de provence in small bowl.  Rub all over meat and cover with plastic wrap.  Set in fridge for about a half hour.   When ready to cook, melt oils in Dutch oven.  Brown the pork well.  Once browned, remove most of the oil, turn off heat and add garlic cloves and onion.  Cover with lid and place in oven heated to 325 for about an hour.  (At this time, check your meat temp - mine was well above required temp.)  Reduce heat to 300.  Remove lid and add cabbage wedges.  Replace lid and return to oven for an additional half hour, then remove lid for twenty minutes or until cabbage has some browned edges.

I had a few small red potatoes that needed to be used up which I boiled and served alongside for the rest of the family.  I also thawed a container of homemade applesauce, which goes fantastically with pork, which I enjoyed a few tablespoons of.

Non-related to food... I have been using my Leslie Sansone walking dvd's the past two weeks.  While it hasn't affected my weight, I have noticed a definite decrease in the pain I've been having for months now in my left hip.  I started with the 1mile dvd and have now been doing the 2mile one, and planning on starting the 3mile this week.  I'm excited.  Yes.  Excited.  No, I'm not being a smarta$$.

Not sure what my blood pressure's been lately.  Suppose I should check it again soon.  Doctor put me back on whatever one I had been on last time-that was about 3 or 4 weeks ago.  Think it's called Atenolol.  He thought it was an appropriate choice, too, since it slows the heart rate, which he thinks would be good if my chest pain is due to anxiety.  (I had had an EKG done and blood test at that same appointment - he was not worried about my heart.) 

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  1. Wow that does sound sooo good. Have a good one :-)