Monday, April 1, 2013

Lemon & Coconut Popsicles

This recipe came about due to an accident.  Well, more like, due to my frugality.

When I have bought canned coconut milk I have bought the brand in a red can - Thai Kitchen brand.  I took a chance and purchased a cheaper brand - Imperial Dragon.  I had picked the can up from the shelf and brought it close to my ear where I proceeded to tip it/turn it upside down/shake it.  It didn't make any sloshy sounds.  That indicated to me that it was not going to be the watery type.  That was good.  However, I was expecting it to be like Thai Kitchen in that it would have an awesome, thick, dreamy creamy layer on top and the rest would be an opaque layer that I could drain off.  So I stuck it in the fridge for the day so that it would be easier to separate once the bulk of the fat/cream solidified.

Alas, it was not what I was expecting.  But it was somewhat thick (like yogurt) and very creamy, from the top to the bottom of the can.  The flavor was good, too.  While I couldn't make what I intended to with it,  I thought about making an ice cream.  I also had most of a lemon left after a previous meal.  So that's where I started.  But not where I ended up.

Lemon & Coconut Popsicles
(from Becky @ Becky's Place)
1 - 13.5oz can coconut milk*
2T xylitol
15 drops liquid vanilla stevia
2T fresh lemon juice**
1T lemon zest**
1tsp vanilla extract

Mix all in a jar or mixing bowl.  Pour into popsicle molds.  Freeze overnight or until firm.

Number of servings depends on your molds.  I have a 4pc set and will get 7 popcicles from this recipe.  I could have got 8 if I didn't fill them so completely.  These turned out smooth and creamy, no ice crystals after being in the freezer for one day.  The xylitol dissolved completely before I poured into the molds, too.  *The brand of coconut milk I used contains 3grams sugar and 6grams carbs in the entire can.  **Depending on how tangy you would like yours, you may want to start with less juice and zest.  I didn't measure mine, just eyeballed it.  Another good reason to begin with less.  You can always add more, too. 

I now need to bellyache.  (But I know it's my own damn fault, too.)  I gained 10 pounds in 4 days.  10 pounds in 4 days!?!  What the hell?!?  We took a mini-vacation with family.  Lots of food (everything offered was brown) and one night down at the bar is how it happened.  Man, but that bartender made a great mudslide...  Anyway.  I'm back to behaving (and feeling so much better for it, too) today.  I also resumed the walking videos, with weights even.  Oh, plus I rediscovered the chia seeds I'd bought some time ago and added them to a raspberry protein shake.  I love that, in my mind, they pass for berry seeds - makes it so easy to incorporate them into my diet.



  1. Becky your Popsicles sound great. And don't worry too much about the 10lbs. I know it looks awful but just get back on track and it will come right back off.

  2. Thanks, Rosalie. I actually have lost 5 of it already - Yahoo!

  3. Oh my goodness... these popsicles look so yummy. I know I would love them - and so would my kids!! Thanks for sharing :)