Sunday, December 20, 2015

Simple Holiday Craft Idea

Here's a couple of holiday ideas that I wanted to make sure I posted prior to Christmas, for any last minute elves...

I made 4 of cellophane wrapped gift baskets for my coworkers. The first pic is of an Epicurean brand cutting board (cost $0 as was given to me), a Linden Sweden cheese spreader (about $2 each), and a cheeseball (bought for $6 each from a church fundraiser) all tucked into a $1 basket and wrapped with a 50cent cellophane bag and tied with ribbon I already had. Each basket cost me $9.50 to make.

I pried off the plastic ring of a jar candle lid prior to recycling the glass. I thought there surely had to be something I could make with it. I found a similar idea online to what I made. Just wrap a bit of tinsel garland around it, tying or gluing to secure, then hot glue on a darling little bow.

After making that one I remembered I still had two other gifts to make for friends. I hit the dollar store for ribbon in their favorite colors and while there came across 2pks of votive glasses which fit perfectly! They can either use them on their Christmas table or hang them from their trees (minus the votive cups, of course).

Making bows has been a bit of a challenge for me in the past. So I found a tutorial online for making small bows on a fork. However, that was a bit smaller than what I was after so I put on my thinking cap for a moment and realized my wide tooth comb would allow me to customize the size well.

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