Monday, August 28, 2017

Are you staying frugal?

Frugal doings lately:
> Received a $5 gift card from employer to use at workplace (convenience store).
> Have been making cold press coffee at home and have pretty much "quit" the coffee shops.
> Started to shop around for auto and home insurance. I'm positive we can find something far more affordable than what we currently have.
> I did shop around for an alternate garbage hauler. We've only got a couple available to us and the one we have appears to be the best price and service provider. The other couple cost roughly the same but only pick up recycling once per month instead of twice like our current hauler does. Didn't save us any money but puts me in the right frame of mind for seeking savings.
> Picked up three free bags of "high end" cat food with three different coupon offers from PetSmart. I did also purchase litter at a couple dollars more than I normally pay for the same product at Walmart. But I felt that a couple dollars for those three cat foods was a very small price to pay, especially when the bottom of the receipt stated that I'd saved over $48.
>Found a pair of pants at a garage sale that still had original department store tags on them that will be good for my work uniform... for $2. Tag says they originally were for sale for $56 at Macy's.
>Not a frugal win for myself, but still this makes me happy! I have a coworker/friend who just had a baby girl. I'd asked her if she minded garage sale baby clothes as I would keep an eye out for any nice items. She is fine with that sort of thing, thankfully. I found her lots of in new shape onesies and various other clothing items, boots, shoes, books... at several garage sales over a period of a few weeks. Probably only spent maybe $8 total for it all, if even that.
>Bought a couple of tank tops at a garage sale for myself for 25cents each.
>A friend gave me a pair of Skechers tennies that she wore for work for about 6mos. They are still in very good shape. They felt a little snug when I tried them on the first time. I intend to wear them for a few hours when going shopping or something to see if I can stretch them a little with wear. The size is an 8 & 1/2, and I fit that up to a 9 & 1/2 depending on brands and styles. If it doesn't work out for me I will return them to her and she will pass them on to the next person.
>My mother in law cleaned out her cupboards and gave us two bags full of rice, pasta, cake mix, etc. Pretty much all that starchy stuff I'm not supposed to eat. Some of it's expired and much of it will get tossed out. However, there's a few items that are good in to 2018 and we'd make use of, such as dried cherries, quinoa mix, dried beans, bags of shelf stable stew. Much will end up in garbage or compost though. I'd pass the rest on but feel like if expired is unappealing to me, it likely would be to others, too.
>Picked up eggs at work on sale for 48cents per dozen, which is a nearly unheard of price for our area. Also butter for $2.
> A friend asked me out for coffee. I suggested we do coffee at either her home or mine and play cribbage. I made a batch of scones with stuff we already have and brought those over to her house where she provided the coffee and cribbage game.
> Found a thin, button-up top for J at Goodwill. It had the right colored tag for 1/2off - paid less than $3 and it's in new condition.
> Ok. I may be getting way ahead of my adult kids... But I came across a Weebles bus and figures at a garage sale. The bag was wrapped and taped. I asked a lady running the sale how much it was. She took the bag and looked it over trying to find the price, too. She said, "How about a buck?" I didn't even have to give it another thought - SOLD! When I got home and opened it completely I discovered that they'd priced it but had folded and taped it over so the price wasn't showing. They'd originally wanted $6.
> Again. I may be a grandma some day down the road, maybe years from now, who knows... I also found a Little People airplane for 50cents! One character was included. I snapped that up, too. Yeah. My kids are adults, not married, no babies in sight. But I will be a prepared grandma. Both of the toys are in good condition, also. So happy with those finds.
> Been using frozen leftovers up sooner rather than later. I've cleared out some roasted chicken w/peas and fingerlings, curried chicken with rice, and tonight we are clearing out a container of pork roast w/cabbage to which I added a couple of small chopped potatoes that had grown "eyes".
> Borrowed "Gifted" and "Sully" dvd movies from the library.
> Received a free Redbox rental code that was good for two weeks from receipt date. Borrowed "Life" with that code.
> Stopped at an estate sale "after the sale" unloading where they let people take for free from the leftovers. I left with a couple of kids' books, about half a dozen workbooks for grades 1-4, a Little Tikes hippo flashlight, couple paperback novels for myself, some cloth napkins and two tea towels, a keychain with my nephew's name on it and a Neutrogena Microdermabrasion tool with two new sponges. Again, some of it is in anticipation of being a grandma some day, ha ha. But the keychain will be fun to mail to my nephew who just started college out of state, the Neutrogena tool is something I'd considered in the past to purchase. All for free.
> Popped in to Goodwill again and found a pair of Sonoma jeans and a.n.a. jeans for myself for a total of $10. Both are in great shape. I only had two pair of jeans and one of them are becoming a little... sheer in places and was needing to be replaced soon. Yay!
> Our little blueberry bushes produced enough blueberries to enjoy a few little handfuls - yum.

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