Friday, October 22, 2010

Menu &... Exercise?!?

I'm hoping by posting this to the blog I will feel a sense of responsibility that will make me be more consistent and, in the end, finally successful at making workout time a priority each day. Or, at the very least, several times per week. I mean, let's be realistic now.

I'd like to say, "Starting tomorrow...". But we will be up and out and about for the day early, not returning home until later in the evening. We'll be bringing our daughter to take her ACT, visiting with the mother-in-law, possibly stopping in at my sister's house for supper, then hitting a haunted house that a nearby city sponsors. The haunted house is a must - It's FREE, after all! We went to it last year, too. Well worth the time to go through again this year.

So, I will say that starting on Sunday I will hit my poor, abandoned treadmill. I'll start with either a 20mn or 30mn walk. I borrowed Season5 of Weeds from my sister-in-law and haven't gotten too far into it, so I'll pop the dvd into my laptop and watch from the treadmill. I did this the last several times I used my treadmill and it definitely makes the time go faster. Without commercials, each episode gives me about a 25mn walk. Can't really have a more frugal workout than that, right? Well, I suppose it could be a manual treadmill...

Anyway, on to the menu planning:

Saturday > No plans, not likely to be home to make supper. If we are, I'll maybe boil some pasta and add to the leftover chicken salad. !!
Sunday> Chicken Ragu (husband is supposed to make, his mother is planning to come for supper) and Roasted Butternut Squash with Bacon (butternut from garden) !!
Monday> Clean-The-Fridge-Out- Leftovers and frozen pizza !!
Tuesday> Ring Sausage & Fried Potatoes and applesauce (homemade from our trees) as a side !!
Wednesday> Chicken & Dumplings X (had steak, Spanish rice, garden asparagus, rolls - I forgot what we were supposed to be having)
Thursday> Ricotta Stuffed Shells & Steak X (had last night's supper tonight)
Friday> Tacos X


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  2. The last post I removed was my own, just wanted to update near the end of the week.

    Did 20 mns. on my treadmill on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday (tonight) of this week. Yay!

  3. LOL I am ALWAYS saying I'm going to start menu planning and I never do. I cook up a huge storm on weekends and we eat leftovers a lot for dinner and lunch at work. Lucky for me, the hubby doesn't mind chili 3 days in a row :)