Sunday, December 19, 2010

Got my Raspberry Christmas Cheer ready to deliver!

Just wanted to post a quick shot of the "done up" bottle and after it was wrapped. I'd also like to thank and give credit to the lovely that designed the tags on the bottles -

This shot of the back of the hang tag's a bit blurry. Just wanted to show the other side. I printed this on some cream colored card stock I had lying around, cut them out, glued them back-to-back, punched a hole with a hole puncher, then strung some sisal (that I'd intended for some other project that hasn't happened) and knotted.

The bag's a leftover waxy one from a few Christmases ago. I had to bunch up some tissue on either side to make sure the bottle doesn't get tipped. I can't wait to deliver them in the morning!

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