Monday, December 13, 2010

So I gave up on menu planning... and exercising...

Decided I'm much happier making yummy things spontaneously.

But aren't these darlings beautiful?

I made a batch of Raspberry Christmas Cheer which I then bottled in these little bottles that I'd bought at Michael's for $1 each. I'll be making labels this week as time allows with work and son's basketball games. These are for a few friends for Christmas gifts. Each bottle holds what I consider to be two servings. I'm not looking at what was left, but I believe I have a quart jar about half full or so for at home for ourselves on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. I certainly couldn't give it all away. After all, I've been working at this for roughly 6 months!

The following's my father's directions when I asked him to send me the recipe in an email:

"2 cups sugar into gallon jar, pour in booze and shake few times a day for 2-3 days. Add qt./or more of raspberries. Store in cool dark spot for minimum 0f 3 months. Strain through cheese cloth. There will be more than you started with."

The booze I used (I'm a poet!) was the cheapest bottle of whiskey I could find in our little liquor store. It doesn't really matter the price of the whiskey, it all works out good. Trust me. Now, you may get adventurous and say to yourself, "Well I bet vodka would be great for this!" Wrong, wrong, wrong. My sister's friend tried this. Bad, bad, bad stuff. (I'm cringing as I remember trying it... blech!) Sorry T-at least I didn't give away the friend's name.


  1. Huh. This sounds like a highly fun experiment! Did you try it yet?