Saturday, January 1, 2011

Here's a yummy idea to use next Christmas!

Okay. I'm not a drinker at all. But due to the previous post and now, this new post, it may appear that I am. This photo is actually from this past Christmas. My sister had made and served these on Christmas Eve at her house. Please keep in mind - These are not for children!

Drunken Gummy Bears
Doing a quick online search I found that these aren't anything new. They were new to me though, and likely would be new to my co-workers whom I've been thinking these would make a fine little gift for for next Christmas. Of course you could tailor them to suit your needs with other gummy shapes.

They're simple to make. Place desired amount of gummies in a dish and pour on vodka. Some people end up with a gooey mess instead. The consensus is that they used too much vodka. So I would suggest using only enough to come up to just under the top layer of gummies so they can absorb the alcohol more easily. After a day of soaking, drain off any liquid (which you could keep for a fruity drink), put in a storage bag or container and refrigerate to store. Wouldn't these be darling in clear cellophane all tied up sweetly with curly ribbons?

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